The hilltop farm ruins[1] is an unmarked location in Fallout 3.


The house contains a terminal which chronicles the life of a group of wastelanders who lived there shortly after the Great War. The authors of the various terminal entries are Doc Johanson, Edgar, Jim, Rochelle, Tyrone and Tyler. In addition, four more residents called Miguel, Miles, Jacky and Vu are mentioned in the notes. Remains of a playground suggest that there were also some children.

Apparently, they had been underground and started a small farming colony on the hill some time after the war. Leadership seems to have rotated between the inhabitants once a month. It appears that they managed to construct an irrigation system for their crops and raised some livestock (a few brahmin can be found roaming nearby). The last entry speaks of the scout, Miguel, spotting travelers in the valley below, and the residents' intent to stay hidden. Their fate is unknown, but it seems fairly certain they were discovered, attacked, and killed or kidnapped by raiders or slavers.

Skeletal remains found near the terminal indicate that at least one of the settlers perished at this location.

The corpse of a raider can sometimes be found down in the irradiated lake, next to the barrels of toxic waste. The body contains random loot that would normally be found on a raider. Wandering the area around the farm will generate several random encounters, such as a party of ghouls, wasteland traders, even an Outcast sweeper team.


It is located south of relay tower KX-B8-11, southeast of the grisly diner, northeast of Temple of the Union and north of the AntAgonizer's lair and Canterbury Commons.

The ruins consists of a water tower, a silo, an outhouse, a makeshift windmill, two irradiated farm plots, and a destroyed farmhouse.

Notable lootEdit


The hilltop farm ruins appear only in Fallout 3.



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