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The hillside home is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


A small residence overlooking Lake Cochituate and the town of Natick, with the remains of the long-deceased owners possibly joined by mongrels or other visitors.[Non-game 1]


Following a roadway southwest from Natick, one will pass a settler campsite before turning northwest towards the Natick power station. The road splits to the right near an empty mailbox frame, with the road to the right soon passing a "caution falling rocks" sign. True to the sign's word, a tractor and the remains of its owner partly buried in rubble and other destroyed vehicles near a second collapsed sign mark the end of the road and the beginning of the driveway to the hillside home.

The house is two stories, with the second story crushed by a fallen tree. A standalone garage is to the left, behind a white Pick-R-Up truck with two bags of fertilizer and a sledgehammer on top of a piece of plywood in the bed. In the backyard, mongrels or other creatures may be found. A swing and doghouse are in the corner near a white picket fence that partly surrounds the back of the property.

Inside the house, the fallen tree has collapsed the second floor into the first. Heading up the stairs, one can find the remains of the previous occupant of the house in the bathtub, missing its skull. A short double-barrel shotgun rests in their lap, and the blood splatter on the wall indicates they committed suicide. In the garage, a second set of remains can be found, hanging from the rafters with an overturned stool at their feet.

Once the hanging skeleton is approached, a deathclaw may appear outside the garage and charge towards the Sole Survivor. Due to its geometry and the cramped nature of the garage, the deathclaw may get stuck inside.


The hillside home appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

The hanging skeleton is posed in the Creation Kit, but is not actually attached to the noose. If disturbed in any way, which activates the Havok physics engine, it will simply fall to the ground, except for the head, which will remain on the noose.




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