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This is a transcript for dialogue with Hijack.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
9 0040E022 0040F59F It's like this, Seventy-Six. If we don't get the treasure, then no one gets the treasure. Dig? holding one of the player's friends hostage
45 0040F530 00572D05 You know what? You're right. For a thousand caps, I'll walk out of here right now.
46 0040F531 0040F53C Let's do this!
47 0040F533 0040F543 Share? You mean you'll just give us some of the gold?
48 0040F534 0040F54C Hah! You've got a backbone, I'll give you that. Just what makes you think you could take me on?
49 0040F535 0040F53D All right! A fighter!
50 0040F536 0040F59E You don't get it, Seventy-Six! This isn't a negotiation, this is a kill room. You cut us out of the score, we cut you out of existence.
51 0040F538 0040F55D Ooh! Bold words, indeed! You got a backbone even saying that, but now you gotta make me believe it, cause I know a bullshitter when I smell one. Disbelieving for sure, but still impressed the player is that fearless. Now you're taunting them a little.
52 0040F539 0040F549 You seriously think I'd believe that? Well I see right through your bullshit. I think you're just saying whatever you can to stall for time. Incredulous, mocking, challenging the player
56 00572CD9 00572D01 Alright, get your asses in gear. We're moving out. Impatiently giving orders to your subordinates.
57 00572CDA 00572D0D Guess I'll find out how much you've got when I search your corpse, scab! Aggressive, energetic, eager. About to start shooting. Let's go!
58 00572CDC 00572D04 We'll see about that, scab! High-energy, hostile, a gunfight is starting and you're ready to light it up
59 00572CDE 00572D0F Okay, scab, I'll you off the hook for now. You better believe I'll be coming to collect, and when I do, there's going to be some interest to pay. Menacing
60 00572CE0 00572D06 Pleasure doing business with you. Hell, at this rate, I could make a living kidnapping you pathetic Wasteland dirtbags. Sneering derision, mocking, end with a laugh. You are victorious and are rubbing it in.
61 00572CE2 00572D10 The mega super...? Wait a minute. You know, for a minute there, you really had me going. Amusement turning back to hostility
62 You're funny, so I'm not going to blow your face off right away. But if you don't get out of here real quick, I'm going to change my mind. Getting impatient, with an itchy trigger finger
63 00572CE4 00572D07 Damn, you really mean that, I can see it in your eyes. Every raider knows that look. Equal parts impressed and worried. You realize you are facing a natural-born killer and you're in the crosshairs.
64 Okay, this was a bad idea. My mistake. We're just going to walk out of here and let you do your thing. Trying to escape from certain death
65 00572CE6 00572D12 Holy shit, that's badass! Shocked and impressed
66 Okay, okay. This is your score. We'll just get out of your way. No hard feelings, right? Fearful, wanting to get away ASAP
67 00572CE8 00572D09 Let's see what you've got! Aggressive, violent, about to start a fight
68 00572CEC 00572D00 Then quit wasting my time. Either make your move, or get the hell out of here. Either way, that gold is going to be ours. Rising anger, close to violence
69 00572CEE 00572D0C Yeah, yeah, that's all in a day's work for a raider. You're going to have to do better than that. Not convinced, but willing to give the player another try
70 00572CF0 00572D03 My thoughts exactly, except it's you that'll be dead! Aggressive, violent, about to start a fight
71 00572CF2 00572D11 Nice try, asshole. Player failed to con you, and you're getting angry
72 I'm not a real patient guy, so if you've got even one good reason I shouldn't put a hole in your little friend's head, you'd better start talking. Getting impatient, with an itchy trigger finger
73 00572CF4 00572D08 You've got a point there, seventy-six. That gold would give me some serious cred. Warming up to this idea, vanity is kicking in
74 Hell, I might even be able to score a spot as one of Meg's top guys. Salivating over the opportunity
75 Alright, I'm in. I'll let your little friend here go, but you better keep up your end of the bargain. If you don't, well, I might take it personal. The second half is dripping with menace
76 00572CF6 00572CFF Well that's... that's actually pretty damn smart. I mean, it's not much fun, but I guess it'll let us save some ammo for the Deathclaws. Surprised realization, you begrudgingly admit it's a good idea
77 Okay, I'm gonna trust you on this one. But if you're lying, I will find you and I will cut you into seventy-six tiny little pieces. Menacing. Feel free to punch up the crazy psycho in the second half
78 00572CF8 00572D0B My thoughts exactly, except it's you that'll be dead! Aggressive, violent, about to start a fight
79 00572CFA 00572D02 Hey! I'm the one with the hostage here, you got that? I'm calling the shots. Rising anger, close to violence
80 Now what's it going to be? And don't try to sell me that bullshit line about sharing the gold, either. I'm not that stupid. Angry, demanding
81 00572CFC 00572D0E So... you're saying that you're going to give us raiders some of the gold because you know if you don't, we'll just take it anyway? Surprised, puzzling it out
82 0057400E 00574013 You think you can just ignore me? Think again, scab! About to attack the player very hostile
86 0058965D 005896A1 Here at last! Step into my office and let's talk. Eager, menacing expectation, like a cat playing with a mouse
119 0058F93D 00590269 You got played. Bragging, superior, harsh
120 0059026A What an idiot. Bragging, superior, harsh
121 0059026B Back off, scab. Bragging, superior, harsh
122 0059026C Get out of my face. Hostile
123 0059026D Worthless wasteland trash. Hostile, insulting the player
124 0059026E What a joke. Hostile, insulting the player
125 0059026F You're pathetic. Hostile, insulting the player