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Highway 50 is a pre-War freeway located in Utah.


The highway runs through the territory of a gang known as the 80s. If the Courier assists Joshua Graham in crushing the White Legs, the gang loses control of Highway 50 to the combined forces of the Sorrows and the Dead Horses. This, in turn, opens up a new trading route for the Happy Trails Caravan Company.[1]


Highway 50 is mentioned only in one of the endings of the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.

Behind the scenes

Highway 50 is based on the real world highway of the same name, which runs east to west across the state of Utah.


  1. Honest Hearts ending cutscene: "The defeat of the White Legs in Zion marked a turning point in the fortunes of the Happy Trails Caravan Company. Every two months, the caravan met with the New Canaanites in Zion Valley to trade. Happy Trails soon returned to prosperity. The vigilance of the Sorrows and Dead Horses in defending southwestern Utah, initially startling to Happy Trails caravans, soon proved a blessing. The tribes united against the 80s, driving them back from Highway 50, and thus opening yet another trading route for Happy Trails caravans."
    (Narrated by Jed Masterson)
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