Highwater-Trousers (Registration ID USDOD-21TXH) is the callsign of an orbital nuclear weapon platform launched by the US military before the war.[1]


Space nuke attack

The strike as seen from the edge of the satellite dish

Highwater-Trousers was discovered by a ghoul scientist at SatCom Array NW-05a - who was attempting to gain control of a pre-war military satellite - in geosynchronous orbit directly above the array. Without a targeting platform, it was only able to drop its payload directly onto the array.[1]

From the SatCom Array's control terminal, it was possible to upload the activation code for the orbiting platform and call in a nuclear strike.

When the Lone Wanderer discovers the control terminal, the orbital platform has a remaining payload of eight micro-nuclear warheads. These missiles appear similar to mini nukes when they detonate, however, the blast radius is much larger.



Highwater-Trousers is mentioned in Fallout 3.


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