Highwater-Trousers is the codename for the computer routine that activates the SatCom nuclear strike weapon.


Space nuke attack

The strike as seen from the edge of the satellite dish.

Highwater-Trousers is a computer program that was meant as a last resort, to be activated when an invading enemy had the SatCom Arrays under siege. From SatCom Array NW-05a it was possible to activate the program from the control terminal and call in nuclear strikes from an orbiting platform.

When the Lone Wanderer discovers the control terminal, the orbital platform has a remaining payload of eight micro nuclear warheads which are locked in position and aimed so as to hit near SatCom Array NW-05a. These missiles appear similar to mini nukes when they detonate, however the blast radius is much larger.



Highwater-Trousers is mentioned in Fallout 3.

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