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The High Road... not the Divide yet, many more miles to walk. But you got this far. You and that machine that shadows you.Ulysses

The High Road is a location in the Divide in 2281. It is a damaged highway which serves as a way to travel from Hopeville to Ashton.


After the destruction of Hopeville and Ashton, the NCR sent in Bravo team to scout the area, three members of which were killed inside a collapsed tunnel connecting to the High Road itself.[1] Currently, the High Road is inhabited by multiple deathclaws and a small group of marked men led by Beast.


Upon entering the High Road, the Courier will be ambushed by Beast, who carries a unique helmet, and 1-3 marked men. There is a Commissary terminal on a truck behind Beast's encampment, which can be unlocked by ED-E. As the Courier advances, they will find the Crow's Nest, a sniper position that contains a dead NCR riot control officer. After this, the highway leads to an area populated by multiple deathclaws. After clearing this area, the High Road comes to an end and breaks off into the Junction 7 rest stop and a dirt path which leads into Bonesaw's camp, and into the Ashton silo control station.

Notable loot


When traversing the High Road, the Courier can observe Ulysses watching the Courier from a building to the right of the Crow's Nest. This Ulysses has a different RefID than the normal Ulysses and cannot be killed by console commands or by normal means.


The High Road appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.



  1. Bravo Team mission orders found next to three deceased NCR personnel in the Collapsed overpass tunnel.