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High Noon at the Gulch is a side quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Quick walkthrough

Nuka-World main quest: High Noon at the Gulch
Travel to Dry Rock Gulch.
Speak to either Sheriff Hawk or Sheriff Eagle.
Reward: Cowboy hat
Western outfit
Talk to Doc Phosphate.
Talk to One-Eyed Ike.
Talk to the Giddyup Kid.
Reward: Western revolver
(Optional) Serve the Drinks.
(Optional) Win the Shootout.
(Optional) Drop a Giddyup Buttercup in the Corral.
(Robotics Expert) or (Hard speech check)
Bypass the quest.
(Robotics Expert) or (Hard speech check)
Bypass the quest.
(Robotics Expert) or (Hard speech check)
Bypass the quest.
Steal the key from Doc Phosphate.
Steal the key from One-Eyed Ike.
Steal the key from the Giddyup Kid.
Gather all the safe combination pieces.
Head to the Dry Rock Gulch Theater.
Recover Mad Mulligan's Mine key.
Enter Mad Mulligan's Minecart Coaster.
Exterminate the bloodworm queen.
Report back to Sheriff Eagle.
Reward: 200 caps
Assign a gang to Dry Rock Gulch by hoisting their flag.
Reward: 400+ XP

Detailed walkthrough

Upon approaching Dry Rock Gulch, bloodworms will attack the Sole Survivor. After clearing them, speak to either Sheriff Hawk or Sheriff Eagle. They will instruct the player character to talk to three other robots in order to earn a combination to access the key. Each of the robots' quests can be bypassed with a difficult speech check or by using the Robotics Expert perk.

The Giddyup Kid will ask the Sole Survivor to track down his missing Giddyup Buttercups. A Giddyup Buttercup toy can be found directly to the east, shoved in a trash bin at the refreshment stand. Dropping it into the circle will earn the player character a code piece.

One-Eyed Ike challenges the Sole Survivor to a duel and gives them a Western revolver for the purpose. Once he says "Draw!" one must shoot him before he shoots them. If successful, another code piece is awarded and some ammo for the Western revolver.

Doc Phosphate will request that the Sole Survivor deliver drinks to three patrons (who are skeletons). Take the drinks and place them on the tables next to each patron. Once outside, a variety of ground creatures will attack. Upon returning, Phosphate will offer to lodge a complaint to Human Resources if player character tells him that the three patrons are dead. Any dialogue option will give the player character the third code piece and some Nuka-Cola Wild.

The safe with the key is located inside the outdoor theater in the middle barn. Enter Mad Mulligan's Mine and deal with the source of the bloodworms inside: the bloodworm queen. A number of brahmin corpses lie about the cave, which bloodworm larvae will burst out of when approached. Once the queen is dead, collect the medallion in the souvenir shop behind the chained door before leaving.

Speaking to either sheriff will yield a reward of 200 caps. The player character is now able to assign a raider gang to this section of the park to complete the quest. The flagpole for raising a gang flag can be found on top of the theater next to Sheriff Hawk.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Investigate Dry Rock Gulch
20 Get the Safe Combination PiecesThe Bloodworms are nesting inside of Mad Mulligan's Mine. The door is locked, and the only key is in a safe. I need to get the combination from the other Protectron cowboys.
30 (Optional) Win the Shootout
40 (Optional) Serve the Drinks
45 (Optional) Talk to Doc Phosphate
50 (Optional) Drop a Giddyup Buttercup in the Corral
60 Get the Key to Mad Mulligan's Mine
70 Enter Mad Mulligan's Mine
100 Exterminate the Source of the Bloodworms
110 Report Back to the SheriffThe Bloodworms have been eradicated. I should check in with the Sherrif.
120 Kill all the Cowboy Protectrons
1000 Assign a Gang to Dry Rock Gulch
2000Quest finishedQuest completeDry Rock Gulch is now under my control.


  • Special dialogue options will be available if one is dressed as the Silver Shroud, though having Gage as a companion will result in him disliking the player character every time this option is used. Hancock likes when responding as the Shroud during the first dialogue option.
  • Special dialogue options are available if one has the Robotics Expert perk. This allows the player character to access the employee menu of the robots and obtain each number of the combination to the safe in order to acquire the key to Mad Mulligans mine.


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Every NPC in the area may be found as "shut-down." [verified]

  • To fix this, open the console, click each one and type recycleactor on every NPC.
  • Reloading an earlier save prior to entering Dry Rock Gulch should also fix this.