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High Knob Lookout, also known as High Knob Fire Tower, is a location in the Skyline Valley region of Appalachia.




The High Knob Lookout exterior is a fenced-in Blood Eagle camp built around the lookout tower in the southern part, with various loot containers and crafting stations. The main gate is on the northwest side of the walls, and the raiders have raised guard platforms along the east and southwest sides. There is a small opening along the southeast side that is less guarded, and provides easy access to the hatch that leads to the lookout interior.

To the right from the main gate is a small platform with a weapons workbench and a brewing station. A tinker's workbench is to the southeast, near the hatch to the lookout interior. To the right from the main gate is a locked trailer (Picklock 2) which contains the notes Chef's memo and Stocklist as well as various food items, including a pumpkin pie on the ground.

The lookout tower is inhabited by the "boss" Blood Eagle, and it contains a steamer trunk, a safe, the fire tower terminal, and the note Leader's journal.


The entrance area of the interior is a small hallway with two doors, one to the north and one to the east. The north door leads into a bathroom with a dead Blood Eagle who has a chem nearby. The other door leads into the main room of the cellar, a storeroom divided into a northern and a southern part. This main room has various locked minor loot containers, including a chem box, a duffle bag, a footlocker, and a safe on the desk in the southern side. The notes New decoration and Leave a mark can be found in the northern side, the former on top of a wooden crate against the northern wall and the latter on the ground against the eastern wall. A dead park ranger can also be found in a cage in this room.

The basement is filled with Blood Eagles and Blood Eagle attack dogs, as well as the power armor-wearing Blood Eagle leader who carries the High Knob basement key used during Double-Crossed Wires. The key unlocks a door in the northern part that leads to a small room where Daniel Smith's corpse is located.

Notable loot[]


  • Chef's memo - Note, in the locked trailer on the ground level, on a desk.
  • Leader's journal - Note, at the top of the tower, on a table in the corner.
  • Stocklist - Note, in a locked (Picklock 2) trailer on the ground level, attached to a shelf.
  • Kitchen key - Key, opens security gate.
  • Potential Vault-Tec bobblehead - On the stone wall of the watch tower next to the second set of stairs going up.
  • Potential magazine - On top of a wooden crate to the east from the locked trailer.
  • Potential recipe - In a wooden bookshelf to the east from the locked trailer, further east from the potential magazine location.

Cellar interior[]


High Knob Lookout appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.

Behind the scenes[]

High Knob Lookout is based on the real-world High Knob Fire Tower located on Shenandoah Mountain close to the border between Virginia and West Virginia, near Brandywine, WV.



Cellar interior[]