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Hidden valuables are miscellaneous quest items in the Fallout 76 update Steel Dawn.


These red bags were scattered underwater by an unnamed, uneducated scavenger occupying Kerwood Mine. He placed a cave diving suit in a crate in the mine, leaving a note for an unknown person instructing them to take the diving suit and grab the valuables. They would be distinctive underwater due to their bright red color.[1]

The bags themselves share a model with the bowling ball loot bag, an Atomic Shop skin for the loot bag dropped upon death.


Three can be found throughout the underwater chambers of Kerwood Mine, appearing only as an optional objective during Supplying Demands:

  • After diving into the pool past the Dyving soot note, go north through a small cave hallway, past a large yellow machine. One is on the ground under an eye protection sign.
  • In the underwater room with a lone portalet on a platform, near some brain fungus and junk items. It is north of the location of the Kerwood back tunnel key.
  • Along the railroad track just before surfacing into the area that leads to the back tunnel (the objective during Supplying Demands).


Although the hidden valuables do not immediately provide loot, the amount collected directly affects the rewards given upon conclusion of Supplying Demands. If only one hidden valuable is found, all of these items are rewarded at the end of the quest, though if all three hidden valuables are found, these rewards are given thrice. In the same vein, if only two hidden valuables are found, the rewards are given twice.

  • Bonus caps.
  • Various weapon/weapon mod plans.
  • Level 50+ only: Prime receiver plans.
  • Level 50+ only: A chance at T-45/T-51/Raider power armor limb/torso/helmet plans.