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This page is about the location that is home to the Brotherhood of Steel. For the Hidden Valley location, see Hidden Valley.
Then allow me to explain our situation. This bunker is currently locked down, allowing no entry or exit, with you being one of the few exceptions.Elder McNamara

The Hidden Valley bunker is a location in the Mojave Wasteland. There are four similar-looking bunkers located close to each other in Hidden Valley, southeast of Sloan in the Mojave Wasteland. One particular bunker is the entrance to the home of the Brotherhood of Steel. It is directly northwest of the fast travel location (center of area) with a small broken tree stump directly on top of the dome.


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Hidden Valley is a complex of USAF bunkers remaining from before the Great War near the heart of the valley. Abandoned even before the war, the area around the bunkers is littered with junk. Signs on the roads and peaks leading into the valley mark the boundaries of the complex. Stretches of drooping pre-War wire fences also note the area as being USAF restricted. Prospectors who have returned from Hidden Valley have reported four bunkers, each with an intercom system, but complete silence in response to any calls on the intercoms. Furthermore, prospectors have reported an eerie feeling upon entering the complex. Others tell of seeing armored figures exiting the Valley from within a raging sandstorm that seems to arrive every evening and stay for the night.[1]

Transcripts from the Hidden Valley bunker terminal:

The goal of the Hidden Valley project is to create a self-sustaining shelter for high-ranking VIPs that can serve as a command structure in times of crisis. The bunker itself is located several hundred feet below the surface. Multiple layers of reinforced materials serve to prevent a breach of the inhabitable areas by anything save for a direct hit by a bunker-busting weapon utilizing a megatonnage considered outside the capability of America's closest competitors. In the event that our enemies become capable of such an attack, the bunker's DERVISH camouflage system makes targeting the site impossible for automated systems, forcing aggressors to rely on guesswork and sheer luck.[2]


The Hidden Valley Bunker relies on two main systems:

DERVISH Hidden valley

DERVISH camouflage system in Hidden Valley.


The CANDLE Fusion Power system provides power to all bunker systems. Built more for reliability and duration of service, the power output of the system has been exceeded by many current designs, but it can supply the bunker with power for an estimated 752 years.

The DERVISH camouflage system provides visual and electronic interference to prevent airborne or long-range enemy weapons from targeting the bunker. The normal soil around Hidden Valley has been supplemented with a combination of aluminum and various silicates, which are then dispersed using a widespread network of industrial fans to blanket the area in a cloud of what is essentially chaff. Combined with the electronic countermeasures of the nearby array at Black Mountain, the bunker at Hidden Valley is effectively impossible to target.[2]



The bunker is marked by a small broken tree stump directly on top of the dome. There is a hollowed-out rock marked with a heart and "no bomb" graffiti located to the west of the entrance to the bunker (This is also the fast-travel point). The cement wall around the bunker's door includes these graffiti, as well as graffiti that reads, "BAN THE BOMB," "GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!!!," and several others.

Approved, unaccompanied access to the bunker cannot be gained unless at least one of the holotapes is recovered from either the two dead Brotherhood of Steel Paladins at the REPCONN headquarters, the Paladins in Moe's crater near Black Mountain, or the two dead Brotherhood soldiers in a ditch on the artillery-battered area outside Nellis Air Force Base.

If at least one of the holotapes is in the inventory, the option to speak its pass phrase into the intercom will be available. Alternately, access can be gained by picking the lock (very hard) (Lockpick 100), by having Veronica Santangelo as a companion, through the quest Wild Card: Side Bets, or by advancing far enough into any storyline to be asked to investigate the Brotherhood. If Veronica is not with the Courier, they will be contained, questioned, and forced to begin the Still in the Dark quest.


The facility is divided into an entrance area and two main levels. The Brotherhood of Steel Paladins will respawn after a couple of days. If the player character plans to take over, it is advised to do so in one trip.


After entering the bunker there is a large entry room with a locked door on the opposite side, similar to all the other bunkers in Hidden Valley. On the other side of the locked door (Lockpick 75) is an empty room with open doorways to the left and right, which is guarded by at least two stationary Paladins on the opposite wall. They do not appear if Veronica is present. The doorway to the left leads to a small office with a desk and a computer terminal, while the doorway to the right leads a staircase going down to the main section of L1.

Hidden Valley bunker, first floorEdit

The first floor contains the personnel quarters, a shooting range, armory, medical bay, and an instruction room where Initiates are trained.

After turning right down the set of stairs into the bunker, turn left, then right, until reaching two sets of Knight dorm rooms located one above the other with a set of descending stairs for the lower room. Each bed has a footlocker with a combination of a mid-condition laser pistol, energy cells, and/or microfusion cells.

Hidden Valley bunker, second floorEdit

The second floor contains the command room with living quarters for the Elder and Head Paladin Hardin. Located next to it is an archive/computer room for the scribes, a workshop for the Knights to repair and manufacture equipment, and a room containing virtual reality chambers which seem to have been placed around the bunker's main reactor.

The second floor has the Brotherhood of Steel emblem on the wall, and two paths that go off to the east and to the west.

The west area has the command room with Elder McNamara and another adjoining hallway. Head Paladin Hardin is further down the hall, and can be found in either one of the two rooms beyond the first room.

The east area contains the archive computer terminals, the machine shop and the VR pod room. The VR pod room has both Head Scribe Taggart and Apprentice Watkins. It also houses the self-destruct authorization terminal and the self-destruct terminal (very hard). Alternatively, terminals on the same floor of the bunker will give a password. If the terminal is successfully hacked, or the password is obtained, they can initiate a self-destruct sequence that will immediately vilify them with the Brotherhood of Steel and cause all Brotherhood of Steel members to become hostile. The sequence can be aborted by reactivating the terminal and choosing to abort, however this has no effect on their hostility.


Notable lootEdit

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  • With Veronica as a companion upon entry, she will go up to the intercom, and the following conversation will ensue:
Veronica: "I'd like a large atomic shake and a double Brahmin burger. And easy on the agave sauce this time."
Ramos: "We gave you a password, Veronica. It's for your safety."
Veronica: "Open up, Ramos. I know where you live."
Ramos: "(sigh) For Pete's sake. Opening up. Welcome back, Veronica."
  • Most of the Brotherhood on level 1 can be killed with no Karma or reputation loss by hacking the terminal (hard) near the entrance (as long as the deed is not seen) and turning the turrets against the Brotherhood.
  • The key can be pickpocketed from the Knight Torres by going into third person, or by squatting down slightly to the left of the window and inching right just enough to be hidden and able to reach her as well. The key will open the door under her, allowing entry to the armory. She will not say anything when the player character is in her shop, however she may turn around to look at them.
  • If Torres cannot be pickpocketed, a Brotherhood Paladin will occasionally walk into the armory and automatically unlock the door.
  • If the bunker is destroyed, the vents on the surface will emit smoke indefinitely, implying there is a constantly burning fire in the bunker.
  • Four Brotherhood of Steel Paladins will regularly go out on patrol between 1am-3am, guarding the area near the bunker until just before dawn.
  • On the right of McNamara is a map of the Mojave, similar to the map found in the Citadel from Fallout 3, with several locations marked by symbols: REPCONN HQ, Helios One, the Fort, Camp McCarran, the Lucky 38, and Nellis Air Force Base. All seem to be the centers of power for the major factions.
  • The layout and general appearance of the corridors and rooms of Hidden Valley look almost identical to Raven Rock. This is most likely due to the fact that they are both pre-War US military installations.
  • In the medical room near the shooting range, there is a gene-projector identical to the one used in Fallout 3, it even has "Sex", "Race", "Face", and "Body" buttons.
  • It is possible to steal two full sets of T-45d power armor without having to pickpocket Knight Torres for the key. To the far left of the barrier that separates the player character and Torres, there is a crevice that is close enough to a shelf containing four sets of power armor. By going to the crevice and walking close enough, the two sets of armor will be takeable. However, since it must be done without crouching, it will not be possible to tell if anyone sees it.


The Hidden Valley bunker appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Hidden Valley bunkers closely resemble storage bunkers located at the abandoned Groom Mine in Lincoln County, Nevada. The property on which the mine is located has a view of an airfield known as Area 51. The family who owned the mine had done so for 130 years and chose not to sell to the United States Government in 2014. In response to this, US government seized the mine under eminent domain from its owners in 2015.[3]


  • PCIcon pc When the bunker is first entered and Paladin Ramos is spoken to, he will order the player character to follow him to Elder McNamara, but the player character will be unable to move. Wearing non-faction clothing and/or staying outside of Ramos' office seems to fix this. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc The Paladin sitting at the shooting range may go missing. His reference ID is: 0010a6ff To bring him back, use the console command prid 0010A6FF followed by moveto player. Upon returning, he will be wearing his helmet.[verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 About three or more Brotherhood Paladins may spawn in the same shooting range stall and become stuck there trying to shoot at the target dummy. This may cause one of the Paladins to drop their Gauss rifle on the floor next to them. Though the weapon is labeled "steal," it will not have an effect on Karma or status with the Brotherhood, nor will any of the nearby Paladins seem to notice the weapon being taken.[verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 By closing and re-opening the locker where the player character's belongings are placed in, the locker will be refilled with various ammunition, allowing the collection of an unlimited amount of energy weapon ammunition (by constantly zoning in and out) and converting the ammunition into other types of energy ammunition, or even max charge the ammunition at the workbench on level 2.[verified]
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 The merchant may begin to lag when asked to see her wares. The merchant will repeat her lines several times before the item menu appears.[verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Inhabitants may react to the firing exercises on the shooting range as real combat, and be unresponsive to attempts at communication.[verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Veronica may repeat any sentence said on the intercom repeatedly, thus making her unable to converse with. This can be fixed by reloading a save.[verified]
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Occasionally, when visiting the Hidden Valley bunker with Veronica as a companion, the bunker will appear to have been destroyed, and the inner entrances blocked with rubble, even if the self destruct has not been activated. However, if the bunker is visited with Arcade Gannon and ED-E in tow, Brotherhood Paladins will spawn and attack upon exiting fast travel. If the player character wears the Brotherhood power armor and enters the bunker, the entrances will be open and they will be free to move around the bunker and interact. Although, characters may become hostile towards Arcade and ED-E, but will not become hostile, provided they are still wearing a Brotherhood faction outfit and do not engage in combat. They will then be able to operate the self-destruct terminal and destroy the Hidden Valley bunker, as evident by the plumes of black smoke coming from the exhaust vents noticeable upon exiting the bunker.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc If, after entering the room where the player character is approached and told to give up their weapons, they quickly run up on the side and engage the door, their companions will zone in next to them. This makes it easier to take on all of the guards. It is also possible to go through the conversation, and after giving up all of the equipment and weapons, but before fading completely to black, phase into conversation with the Elder in sneak-mode and open the door. This may interrupt the sequence and phase the player character behind the door with their companions, sometimes with all of their equipment.[verified]
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 Rarely, after completing the Brotherhood quest Tend to Your Business and speaking to the Elder (and thus receiving Power Armor Training), the door exiting L1 to the Hidden Valley bunker will be locked and require a key. Though the key is obtained after earlier quests, it will no longer be there. Go to the Paladins at the bottom of the stairs, and pickpocket a key from them. This will not have an effect on Karma, and they do not seem to notice anyone reaching under their armor and taking a key right in front of them.[verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Unarmed attacks on characters in the VR room, such as Head Scribe Taggart, may cause them to fall through the floor. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 On the second level of Hidden Valley Bunker, inside the computer room, there is an electrical panel on the right side of the entrance as you enter the room that is very difficult to interact with. When activated, the option to "Leaver the breakers alone" and "Cut the power to all but three of the terminals" is given. Cutting the power to the terminals cuts power to all of the terminals except the 4 in the center of the room, but it does not isolate the computer virus in Hidden Valley computer virus to those 4 terminals. [verified]



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