Hidalgo Ranch is the childhood home of Raul Tejada. The ranch was located outside Mexico City in the state of Hidalgo[1], but far enough away to avoid being initially affected by the Great War, which reduced Mexico City to an atomic ruin.


The Hidalgo Ranch was home to three generations of Tejadas. After the Great War, refugees from Mexico City began to pass by the ranch in droves. The Tejadas helped as many people as they could, but eventually had to stop before they ran out of food. Raul Tejada and his father got their guns and drove the refugees away from the ranch. That night a group of refugees came back to the ranch while the Tejada family was asleep and set the house on fire. The resulting fire killed Raul's parents, grandmother, three brothers, and two sisters. Raul and one of his sisters, Rafaela, managed to escape.


Hidalgo Ranch is mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas.


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