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He was a mean old man, owned this mine a million years ago. Made the miners work real hard, and didn't give them any money or food for their kin.Kenny

Herzog Mine is a location in Point Lookout. Herzog Mine is set into the rock, to the south of the Ark & Dove resting grounds and southwest of the Coastal grotto.


The Herzog mining site was named after its owner, Old Man Herzog, who put his miners through poor working conditions. According to Kenny, who lives in the mine, a group of miners sat down and refused to work any longer in the mine's poor conditions. In response, Herzog blew up the site with a "million million tons" of dynamite, killing the miners. As a result, no one else was willing to work in the mine, leaving it abandoned by all but Herzog. After he detonated his explosives, Kenny says that old man Herzog then hung himself.[1]

The swampfolk believe the mine is haunted, and most of them thus avoid it. Kenny uses this to his advantage, noting that those who do enter the mine are easy to scare away with a few simple traps.[2]



Herzog Mine is set into the rock cliffs south of the Ark & Dove resting grounds. It can be accessed by a path down the rocks from the top of the cliff, or by climbing up to it from the beach below. It consists of a small cave entrance with some rubbish around.


The mine consists of a linear set of cavernous passages winding into the cliffside. Various branches of the mine have collapsed, due to explosives set off before the Great War. Kenny is the mine's only inhabitant, and has set up numerous traps to make the mine seem haunted, including bear traps. Eventually, winding through the passages will lead to Miner's Rest, or Kenny's cave.

Kenny's cave

Kenny's cave is a section of Herzog Mine in which Kenny has taken up residence. From here, the mine can be exited via a ladder in Kenny's living space. A door to Blackdamp Shaft can be found opposite Kenny's encampment.

Blackdamp shaft

The blackdamp shaft consists of a series of vertically descending cavern tunnels infested with mirelurks and partially flooded with radioactive water. To reach the bottom of the shaft, one can either travel through the mirelurk-infested tunnels or jump down the mine shaft, located near the entrance. In either case, the only way back up is through the tunnels.

Near the bottom of the shaft, the skeleton of Herzog can be found hanging from a noose, surrounded by pre-War money scattered on the floor.

Notable loot

  • Kenny's cave contains one of the add-on's two Pint-Sized Slasher masks.
  • After falling down the mine shaft in Blackdamp Shaft, Kenny-bear will be leaning against a pile of cinder blocks.


  • The mine has some unique traps set up by Kenny, including a "rockslide" composed of doll heads and junk, and a flashing camera combined with a pitching machine. The pitching machine is loaded with two frag grenades instead of the last two baseballs.
  • Throughout the entrance area of the mine, Kenny's voice can be heard making growling noises, and laughing when traps are triggered.
  • Sometimes when entering the mine, the player character may encounter the body of John Adlam. His body holds a holotape which reveals the reason he was killed, but when first approaching the cliff his actual execution can be seen.
    • The execution may be seen twice, once going into the mine and once while leaving.


Herzog Mine appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

Behind the scenes

  • Herzog Mine is a reference to Herzog Island, located on the Potomac in Maryland.
  • Herzog means "duke" in German.



  1. The Lone Wanderer: "Tell me about Old Man Herzog."
    Kenny: "He was a mean old man, owned this mine a million years ago. Made the miners work real hard and didn't give them any money or food for their kin. One day a bunch of miners sat down and just stopped working. Old man Herzog, he didn't like that. Not a bit. So, he blew them all up! With a million-million tons of dynamite! No one wanted to work in the mine after that. Then Ol' Herzog came down here and hung himself. They say his angry ghost still haunts the mine. That doesn't scare me, though."
    (Kemmy's dialogue)
  2. The Lone Wanderer: "Why are you hiding down here?"
    Kenny: "Swamp Folk know Ol' Herzog's Mine-hole. Say it's haunted. So I knew most folk wouldn't wander this way, except outsiders like you. Doesn't usually take more than a clapper-jaw on the leg to scare them off."
    (Kenny's dialogue)