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He was a mean old man, owned this mine a million years ago. Made the miners work real hard and didn't give them any money or food for their kin. One day a bunch of miners sat down and just stopped working. Old man Herzog, he didn't like that. Not a bit. So, he blew them all up! With a million-million tons of dynamite! No one wanted to work in the mine after that. Then Ol' Herzog came down here and hung himself. They say his angry ghost still haunts the mine. That doesn't scare me, though.Kenny

Herzog was the owner of the Herzog Mine.


Herzog owned the Herzog Mine. He treated the miners poorly, and as a result they eventually refused to work. Herzog became angry with the miners, and the conflict between them escalated to the point where Herzog killed the miners with dynamite. He then committed suicide by hanging himself. His body can still be found hanging from the ceiling of the mine.


According to Kenny, his ghost still haunts Herzog Mine.


Herzog appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

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