Initially dismissed as wildlife adapting to a new environment, this mutation was noted by scouting parties, but was not considered worth pursuing. Later discussion suggested that a serum based on this mutation could prove beneficial to military personnel deployed in the field for long periods of time. Early trials resulted in subjects presenting a total rejection of any meat-based foodstuffs, to the point that the scent of cooked or raw meat resulted in immediate vomiting. Note: early trials showed mild psychological effects in addition to physical; subjects presented a calm, docile demeanor, ultimately deemed.The Whitespring bunker terminal entries

Herbivore is a mutation in Fallout 76.


Positive effects
Consuming fruit, herb or vegetable-based food/drink provides double the hunger/thirst satisfaction, HP restoration and consumable buffs, with no rads or disease chance.
Negative effects
Eating meat-based food does not satisfy hunger, restore HP or apply buffs.


  • Gaining this mutation locks the Carnivore mutation from being acquired.
  • The bonuses from Herbivore change from x2.0 to x2.5 by equipping the Strange in Numbers perk card.
  • Herbivore serum can be used to gain this mutation instantly and will suppress the negative effect.

Positive effects

Herbivore will positively affect the following plant-based food:

Herbivore will positively affect the following plant-based drinks:

Negative effects

Herbivore will negatively affect the following meat-based food:



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