Maybe you've heard the GNR radio play? The Adventures of Herbert "Daring" Dashwood? That's about me, you know. Based on my, um... earlier days. I even had a ghoul manservant. Let me ask you -- you ever met a ghoul before?

Herbert "Daring" Dashwood is a retired adventurer residing in Tenpenny Tower in 2277.


Early lifeEdit

Born in 2207, Dashwood spent his younger days as a traveler and adventurer. In 2241, Herbert ran across a ghoul named Argyle, after stealing the ghoul's girlfriend. Despite this misunderstanding, the two became great friends, and led a life of adventure throughout the wasteland.

Adventures in the WastelandEdit

The two visited many places during their exploration of the wasteland. They often went to the Blue Destiny Brothel, which Dashwood renowned as the "best whorehouse in the Capital Wasteland"; although as Dashwood notes, the place was shut down in 2249, when most of its occupants died of a cholera outbreak.[1] He also made frequent visits to Megaton and Underworld, where he was named "Honorary Ghoul."[1]

In the summer of 2248, Dashwood and Argyle were given permission to take shelter inside Rockopolis by King Crag. But when Dashwood had an "incident" with Crag's daughter, the two were exiled.

The "Rockopolis Crisis"Edit

A few years later, Dashwood and Argyle were captured by the slavers of Paradise Falls; however, Argyle could disarm the slave collars.[2] After being freed from their collars, Dashwood insisted that he and his manservant rescue the girl they came in with. When they eventually find the girl, they discover that she had already escaped. She then introduces herself to the two adventurers, revealing her name to be Penelope Chase, "fortune hunter." It didn't take long for Dashwood to become attracted to her. After leaving Paradise Falls, the party came across a super mutant, which Argyle quickly dispatches using the Shady Sands Shuffle. However, more super mutants turn up, and start chasing the adventurers. Chase suggests that they make for Rockopolis, however she doesn't know where it is. Dashwood, without thinking, tells her the location, and they head off to Rockopolis.

The party eventually reaches Rockopolis. Argyle advises Dashwood to not show her its location, but Dashwood simply ignores him and shows Chase the secret knock to gain entrance to Rockopolis. After learning the location of Rockopolis and how to gain entrance, Chase reveals her identity as the "Black Widow," the leader of the slavers, and tells the adventurers that a large convoy of slavers is now heading to Rockopolis. In response to this, Argyle brutally rips out her heart, and even in this serious situation, cracks a joke, to Dashwood's displeasure.

The two then swiftly enter Rockopolis and try to warn King Crag about the army of slavers that is about to invade his town. Crag, rightfully so, responds with anger at the two adventurers, telling all the inhabitants of Rockopolis to kill them. The two friends then flee into the caves, trying their best to outrun the riot they have caused, but when the two try to escape by climbing up a cliff, their friendship meets its end. After years of exploring, and hundreds of adventures, Argyle and Dashwood get separated, never to see each other again. Dashwood makes it out of Rockopolis alive, while Argyle dies.

Retired AdventurerEdit

After years of adventuring, Dashwood amassed a large enough fortune to buy his way into Tenpenny Tower for a comfortable retirement. Herbert Dashwood is friendly, down-to-earth and possesses a self-ingratiating sense of humor. If asked, he'll gladly talk about the things he's done, places he's been and creatures he's encountered. He occasionally sneaks into the rooms of other people as a way of keeping himself amused and keeping his adventuring skills honed in case he ever needs to come out of retirement. His legacy lives on, as his exploits are often played on Galaxy News Radio. "The Adventures of Herbert 'Daring' Dashwood and his ghoul Manservant Argyle" is a favorite program across the Capital Wasteland.[3]

Daily scheduleEdit

Herbert will walk around Tenpenny Tower and occasionally play a joke on Cheng by messing with his terminal. He occasionally visits the Federalist Lounge on the first floor, and can otherwise be found in his room where he sits beside his radio.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

This character starts quests.
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  • Assuming his radio drama is true, Dashwood alone is responsible for the unintentional destruction of Rockopolis, the enslavement of its citizens, and the death of Argyle.
  • For the entries in his terminal, see Herbert Dashwood's terminal.
  • Daring was elected "honorary ghoul" of Underworld.
  • He has recently taken a mistress, Tenpenny's own Susan Lancaster, and can be heard teasing her about their shared "stealthy hunts."
  • If Dashwood gives the key to his safe to the Lone Wanderer, retrieving the rewards will still be considered stealing, and will cause Herbert to become hostile if caught.
  • Dashwood will still be killed by Roy Phillips and his gang, despite being pro-ghoul. This prevents the completion of A Manhandled Manservant if it hasn't been done already.
  • If A Manhandled Manservant is not completed before the quest, Tenpenny Tower, It will be impossible to talk to Herbert about Argyle.
  • It is likely that he was about to get a large suite in Tenpenny Tower. In the game files, there is an unused cell called "The Dashwood Suite."
  • In the Italian and Spanish versions of Fallout 3, "The Adventures of 'Daring' Dashwood" radio show is in French, presumably by mistake since some lines are spoken in the proper language.

Notable quotesEdit

  • "Maybe you've heard the GNR radio play? The Adventures of Herbert "Daring" Dashwood? That's about me, you know. Based on my, um... earlier days. I even had a Ghoul manservant. Let me ask you -- you ever met a Ghoul before?"
  • "Well, until recently the only danger you ever faced in this fine establishment, was bumping into all the bloated egos floating around. But now there's a group of Ghouls nearby. I've tried explaining that they don't ALL want to eat you - though SOME do, of course. Problem is, it's hard to tell which is which. Chief Gustavo has initiated a shoot first and ask later policy. If they're smart, they'll stay away."
  • "You're lucky old men learn patience. But keep pushing your luck and I'll teach you a thing or two."


Herbert Dashwood appears only in Fallout 3.


PCIcon pc Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Herbert may not carry the key to his safe on him for pickpocketing. Instead he will carry a generic key called "Tenpenny Tower Resident's Key," which will not work on his safe. Thus, if the player character does not speak to him about Argyle before killing Roy Phillips, they will be unable to obtain the key and access Dashwood's safe. [verified]



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