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You'd better believe it. I haven't seen a suit like this in a long time. And what would you like for this little surprise?

Protector Henry Casdin is the leader of the Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts in the Capital Wasteland in 2277.


Level headed and professional, Protector Casdin was once one of the most accomplished soldiers of Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel and traveled with Owyn Lyons during the expedition. He fought with the Elder side-by-side during the Scourge of the Pitt.[1] However, he broke ties with the Elder during the Schism. It was a result of dissatisfaction with Lyons' focus on protecting the wastes by killing super mutants. A part of Lyons' contingent perceived it as an ineffectual waste of men and resources that would ultimately destroy the Brotherhood. The situation deteriorated, finally tipping when Elder Lyons ignored their repeated requests to recover tech from Fort Independence, a pre-War scientific military base.[2] The dissenters rallied behind Casdin,[3] abandoned Lyons' command and left the Citadel, taking a large part of its weapons and equipment stockpiles with them.[4][5] The loss of men and materiel had a significant negative impact on the combat performance of Lyons' chapter, greatly reducing its ability to project power throughout the Capital Wasteland.[3]

Under Casdin's command, they seized Fort Independence, where they pushed back the indigenous raider groups and adapted the former military base for use as their headquarters. Termed "Outcasts" by their angered former brothers and sisters, the renegade soldiers adopted the name as a badge of honor,[6] painting their armor red and black to distinguish themselves from the organization they no longer served. They have also reorganized their rank system and decentralized their operations, to make tech retrieval and long range patrols easier to organize.[7]

Since then Casdin has led them with a steady hand, attempting to reestablish communications with the West. He considers Lyons a traitor who abandoned his mission.[Non-canon 1] He believes that once they reconnect with the Brotherhood proper, the Outcasts will be vindicated[8] and Lyons placed where he belongs, in front of a firing squad.[9]

Daily schedule

Protector Casdin can be found standing at the entrance to Fort Independence, the headquarters of the Brotherhood Outcasts. He holds one of several keys to Fort Independence.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character starts quests.
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This character drops an ear upon death (Contract Killer).


Effects of player's actions

  • If one possesses Outcast power armor when encountering Protector Casdin for the first time, he will confiscate it, even if they are wearing it. One can safely wear Linden's Outcast power armor around him, though.
    • He will no longer confiscate the Outcast power armor once the Lone Wanderer becomes a friend of the Outcasts by doing his repeatable quest.
  • Upon first meeting Protector Casdin, if the player character tells him that they are in the Brotherhood of Steel, it will turn him and all nearby Outcasts hostile.
  • Casdin automatically repairs any items one gives him to 100% condition.
  • Casdin will automatically equip any item given to him if it is better than his current equipment; this applies to armor as well as weapons.
    • After a patch, he would no longer unequip his Outcast power armor since the new script forbids him from removing faction-related apparel. He would, however, still replace his weapon and helmet if there is a better one in his inventory.
  • If the player character kills Protector Casdin, they will lose Karma, even if they had already accepted the quest he gives them. Additionally, the nearby Outcasts will turn hostile.


*Henry will replace his armor with a set of Enclave power armor but will replace that armor with the Tesla armor but not the helmet, when trading the armor for supplies in the unmarked quest, The Outcast Collection Agent. He will trade his Outcast power armor for normal power armor.

Notable quotes


Henry Casdin appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

Protector Casdin's field report is recorded by a different voice actor than Casdin's in-game voice. However, the field report mentions requests for reinforcements that are denied. As Casdin is the leader of the Outcasts, it does not make sense that he would have a superior that could deny reinforcements. Considering the voice discrepancy and this otherwise illogical request, it is possible that the field report was recorded by another member of the Outcasts on Casdin's behalf. Defender Rockfowl's field report, similarly, is recorded by a different voice actor.


PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Casdin may enter Fort Independence and never exit. [verified]


  1. The Lone Wanderer: "How did Lyons change the Brotherhood?"
    Henry Casdin: "Oh, he used to be as tough as the rest of us. Wasn't so long ago, we fought side-by-side to Scourge the Pitt. But somewhere, he went soft. Stopped looking at the big picture, and started trying to save every tribal and illiterate community he found. When he had us helping those savages instead of recovering tech that could help us all, that's when we objected and became Outcasts."
    (Henry Casdin's dialogue)
  2. The Lone Wanderer: "What sort of disagreements did they have?"
    Bowditch: "Where Elder Lyons has fought to protect the people of the Capital Wasteland, the Outcasts demanded we move on and leave them to their fates. They insisted there was more important technology to be recovered in a scientific base in the ruins of Fort Independence, to the West. As callous as their decision may be, it's more in line with our original mission. Elder Lyons is an inspiration to us, but to them he's a traitor."
    (Bowditch's dialogue)
  3. 3.0 3.1 The Lone Wanderer: "Who were the exiles?"
    Bowditch: "The soldiers rallied behind Paladin Casdin, who was one of Elder Lyons' original squad. They served together for over twenty years. Casdin was well-respected, and every bit as loyal to the Brotherhood as Elder Lyons. He just disagreed with the interpretations of our oaths. But when disagreements turned into fistfights, he left with the Outcasts. We lost more allies that day than we ever have to any battle."
    (Bowditch's dialogue)
  4. Peabody: "Good morning, Elder. I'm sorry to report that things are not as they should be. Ever since Casdin was outcast..."
    Owyn Lyons: "That name is not to be spoken within this Citadel. Do you understand? I wish it were not so, truly I do, but he is Outcast. He has been judged."
    Peabody: "I know the protocols, sir. But the equipment that they stole was very valuable. Our weapons are beginning to deteriorate without the spare parts."
    Owyn Lyons: "I understand, Peabody. But you'll need to make do the best you can. If our weapons can't penetrate that Enclave armor, we stand no chance."
    Peabody: "Yes, Elder. I understand. I'm sure... we've got the parts around here somewhere..."
    (Peabody's and Owyn Lyons' dialogue)
  5. Peabody: "Greetings, Elder. I wish I could say that things were well. Unfortunately, I am still having supply problems. When Casdin..."
    Owyn Lyons: "Scribe. You are not to speak the name of an Outcast in the walls of the Citadel. Is that understood?"
    Peabody: "I... I understand, sir. But the Outcasts have stolen a great deal of our uncatalogued equipment. I am beginning to run short of supplies for repairs."
    Owyn Lyons: "Then make do with what you have. We may lack the Enclave's resources, but I'm counting on your ingenuity to make up for that!"
    Peabody: "Yes, Elder. I understand. Forgive me for speaking out of turn. My... frustration got the better of me."
    (Peabody's and Owyn Lyons' dialogue)
  6. The Lone Wanderer: "So, you just figure you'll strike out on your own as Outcasts?"
    Anne Marie Morgan: "Not hardly. We've got our mission, we'll stick with it, and to hell with Lyons and his soldier sycophants. If they call us Outcasts for our dedication to duty, then we'll wear the title with pride! And you just wait for when we get back in contact with the real Brotherhood out West. Lyons will have hell to pay."
    (Anne Marie Morgan's dialogue)
  7. Though equal in rank, Protector McGraw is mentioned as inferior in terms of organizational skills to Protector Casdin. This clearly shows that Outcasts operate in a decentralized, goal-oriented manner
  8. The Lone Wanderer: "Tell me more about the Outcasts."
    Henry Casdin: "We were cast out for our dedication to the Brotherhood's true goals. Lyons wanted to play hero to the locals, instead of doing his job. We were proud to leave him, so we kept the name "Outcasts" and wear it with pride. A big "fuck you" to the old man. He may have struck our names from the great Codex, but we'll be vindicated in the end, and our names will be restored."
    (Henry Casdin's dialogue)
  9. The Lone Wanderer: "So what's your long-term plan for dealing with the Brotherhood?"
    Henry Casdin: "The Brotherhood came out here to recover technology from the eastern cities and bases. If Lyons won't do it, then we will. And when we resume contact with the Western Elders, Lyons is going to be put in his place. Even if that place is in front of a firing squad."
    (Henry Casdin's dialogue)


  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.92: "Protector Henry Casdin
    Splitting from Elder Lyons (and stealing technology in the process), Casdin and his fellow warriors were of the opinion that Lyons had "gone native," concerning himself with the troubles of the locals instead of the "greater" mission: the acquisition of technology. Lyons is a joke to Casdin, even a traitor. Lyons hasn't even bothered to get his giant robot working, let alone continue the search for technology. In Casdin's eyes, the Outcasts are the true Brotherhood of Steel, carrying on the mission of the main West Coast contingent."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census)