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This is a transcript for dialogue with Henry Jamison.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Shove off. You're making my luck turn bad. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 You again. What do you want now? 2
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic000 I'm here to talk about ending your employment with the Crimson Caravan Company. Neutral 50 Fuck no. No matter what that old bitch McLafferty says, my dad said I could be in charge of the New Vegas branch. 3
Neutral 50 Besides, I got into a little money trouble with the Omertas. If I quit the Crimson Caravan, how am I supposed to get the money to gamble? 4
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic001 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Yeah, whatever. 5
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic002 {NCR - Mixed}Look, I take advantage of the NCR, too, but I don't make them my enemy. Neutral 50 Yeah, all right. If McLafferty complains long enough, my folks might haul me back to California just to shut her up. Tell the old hag I'm gone. 6
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic003 {NCR - liked}The NCR thinks pretty highly of me. Let's say I get word to your parents... Neutral 50 All right, all right! I believe you. Just don't say anything to my folks. You can tell the old hag I'm gone. 7
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic004 What do you know about the Omertas? Neutral 50 One of the families that runs the Strip. They're a pack of cheaters, but you still don't want to fuck with them. 8
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic005 Maybe we can make a deal. What do you want from the Crimson Caravan in exchange for quitting? Neutral 50 I want my debt with the Omertas paid off. And I want one of those severance package things. A big one. 9
Maybe we can make a deal. What do you want from the Crimson Caravan in exchange for quitting? Neutral 50 My terms are the same as before. They pay off my debt to the Omertas, and I get a big fucking severance package. 10
< Barter 50 >
The better deal would be for me to walk away and let the Omertas handle you. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Fine, whatever. Forget the severance. Just get the Omertas off my back, and you can tell McLafferty she won't see my face again. 11
What? No way. Pay off the Omertas, sure, but you don't get a single cap more. Neutral 50 [FAILED] Tough shit. That's what I want, or I'm not going anywhere. 12
< Speech 50 >
So you don't have the Omertas' money yet? I'll let them know about that. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Wha-? No, no wait. Look, I just need time. Don't rat me out to them. 13
Neutral 50 You want me to quit the Crimson Caravan? Fine, I quit. You can tell McLafferty that she won't see my face again. 14
I'll go talk to the Omertas about you, then. Unless you feel like quitting? Neutral 50 [FAILED] As if they'd even talk to you. You're nobody. I'm Henry-fucking-Jamison. 15
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic008 Never mind. Neutral 50 We done, then? 16
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic009 Fine. I'll let McLafferty know we've struck a deal. Neutral 50 You do that. And tell the old bitch to pay up quick, you hear? 17
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic010 What brought you to New Vegas? Neutral 50 I wanted to be where the action is, so I got my dad to pull some strings and get me a cushy position with the Crimson Caravan. 18
Neutral 50 Everything was great until McLafferty came along. That old bitch is gonna hear about it from my dad, just you wait. 19
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic011 {RACKET complete}I'm in good with the Omertas - ask around. Feel like quitting yet? Neutral 50 Uh, yeah, actually. I'm still good for the money, but I'll get it some other way. You can tell the old hag I'm gone. 20


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Yeah, whatever. 21