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State your purpose, stranger. You walk on Atom's hallowed ground.— Brother Henri to the Sole Survivor

Brother Henri is a member of the Church of the Children of Atom in 2287.


Brother Henri was sent to the Sentinel site, a nuclear launch site located in the Glowing Sea, by Mother Isolde to claim the various atomic weapons stored there. Despite being the sole survivor of his group after his fellow children were massacred by feral ghouls, he is compelled to guard the main bomb storage with support from a machinegun turret and Atom's Wrath, a named but otherwise normal assaultron.[1]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Other interactions

  • Henri is one of the very few Children of Atom in the Commonwealth that don't attack on sight. He is friendly when first encountered by the Sole Survivor during the latter's mission to secure the sentinel site's Mark 28 stockpile for the Brotherhood of Steel, but he is quick to anger when he is not taken seriously. Insulting his religious zeal will result in him "invoking Atom's Wrath" upon the Sole Survivor, turning him and his robotic protectors hostile, leading to a fight in extremely close quarters.
  • Angering Henri will displease many of the more well-intentioned companions like Piper or Curie while most of the others tend to be indifferent about it.
  • Conversely, passing an easy Charisma check allows the Sole Survivor to convince Henri that they share his point of view. In this case, he will freely hand over his terminal password which is required to open the gate to the bomb storage, thus avoiding having to fight him and his assaultron altogether. It is unknown what happens to him once the Brotherhood arrives to evacuate the warheads as he disappears from the game, along with Atom's Wrath.
  • If the player character joined the Children of Atom at the Nucleus in Far Harbor, they may tell him this. Henri will be in awe of them and allow them to pass, not wanting to hold up their "pilgrimage."



Henri appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Henri: "The Children of Atom have sworn to guard this place until the time of the Great Divide. None shall enter."
    (Brother Henri's dialogue)