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This is a transcript for dialogue with Hemlock Holes cook.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 TW010_TurnInVeggies 000311E6 Those are some nice looking tatos. My famous tato salad will pair well with those radstag steaks.
2 TW010_SideDishes 0023C811 The steaks are coming along nicely. I can tell those are prime cuts.
3 But I completely forgot about side dishes.
4 I need you to get some tatos for the tato salad.
5 Oh, and if you find corn or carrots, I could some of each.
6 TW010_TurnInMeat 0023C812 Those are some nice looking Radstag steaks.
7 I just love the sound of raw animal flesh sizzling over a hot flame.
8 TW010_Intro 0023C80C Here at Hemlock Holes golf club, we want to provide a family experience.
9 So we're holding a community cookout for all the nearby families.
10 It just really rusts my actuators that I don't have any meat to grill.
11 Could you get me some radstag meat?
12 If you can also find yao guai meat and deathclaw meat, I'll be able to make some exotic steaks.
13 0036228A The primeval hunter in his element. Tracking down and slaughtering defenseless radstags to feed our guests. How wonderful!
14 0036228B The hunter turns farmer as he gathers fresh produce for the feast. It's enough to make my circuits glow.
15 003E8C87 Meat! Is there anything better than a hunk of flesh ripped from a still warm carcass?
16 003E8C88 I smell death. The death of a delicious, innocent animal that is.
17 004E012A I can't wait to smell those veggies searing on the grill. Of course I can't smell, so I just hear them.
18 004E012B Those tatos look a bit strange, but I'm sure they're just a varietal. Throw 'em on the grill.
19 0052CC26 Lovely day for a cookout.
20 0052CC27 I do hope we have enough food for all the guests.
21 0052CC28 I'll have to speak to the groundskeeper about the dreadful state of this place.
22 00362289 Come for the cookout? I hope you brought your appetite.
23 003E8C84 It's a glorious day for a cookout!
24 003E8C85 Welcome to our weekend cookout! At least I think it's the weekend. I seem to be having trouble with my internal calendar.
25 0052CC1A Hmm. You appear to be a few steaks short.
26 0052CC1B That's not nearly enough radstag steaks.
27 0052CC1C That all you have? That simply won't do.
28 0052CC1E Well done my mighty hunter.
29 0052CC1F We aren't done yet.
30 0052CC20 It's really too bad I have no sense of smell.
31 0052CC22 I couldn't even feed you with that number of tatos. Go get some more.
32 0052CC23 More tatos. More tatos I say. Get back out there.
33 0052CC24 That paltry amount of tatos just won't do.