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Helvetia is a town in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2102. It is currently inhabited by the Scorched.


Helvetia was settled by German and Swiss immigrants from Brooklyn, New York, in 1869. It was settled mostly by artisans, and has historically been associated with its cheese making and food festival in which masks are worn.[1]


The town of Helvetia has had a fascination with making papier-mâché masks. Thirteen different masks can be acquired in-game, including a Fasnacht Man mask, an owl mask, jester mask, and skull mask.


The town was once a tourist destination and features German/Swiss themed buildings to showcase the town's heritage. There is a church, store/post office, bookstore, museum, Cheese Haus, The Honey Haus, Freyja's Haus Restaurant and a few other unmarked buildings. All buildings in Helvetia can be explored. The town is filled with the Scorched.

The church has been converted into a Mothman shrine. The key to the post office is sitting on an interior desk and can be taken grabbed from a broken window.

The town has a good number of crafting stations:

Notable lootEdit

  • Checklist - Note, in the Freyja's Haus Restaurant, in the kitchen.
  • German books (2) - Note, at the bookstore.
  • Responder outposts - Note, at the Cheese Haus.
  • Harvest - Note, sitting on the lectern in the church.
  • Airplane crash - A note, in a dresser in an upstairs bedroom of the small red hotel on the west side of the bridge to Freyja's Haus Restaurant.
  • Fasnacht robots - A note found in The Honey Haus across the small bridge to the left of the Freyja's Haus Restaurant, inside a broken glass display case next to three honeycombs. Can also be found in the Cheese Haus.


  • There are machines called ballot printers scattered throughout the area, which are part of the quest Race for the Presidency.

Behind the scenesEdit

Helvetia is an actual town in southern Randolph County, West Virginia. Both the game and real-life versions are nearly identical. One notable difference is Freyja's Restaurant, based on the real-life Hütte Restaurant in the same spot.


Xbox OneIcon xboxone An "immortal" level 1 Scorched can sometimes be found in the shop here. This scorched will, once you are detected, attack you without moving from the upper level, dealing unavoidable, invisible damage. The scorched will also be unkillable, regenerating health, and always retaining a minimum of one health. [verified]



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