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Help Sid Complete the Mega-Flamer was going to be a quest in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios. It was located in Bloomfield Space Center.[1]


Sid has been struggling with completing his many projects. One of the most important project, other than restoring efficiency to the sub-reactor, is the completion of the Mega-flamer – a rocket engine mounted to a detached pickup truck bed, which is then mounted to a large fuel tank and some controls.


If the PC is mechanically inclined, he can help Sid figure out how to complete the Mega-flamer. If the PC finishes it himself and gives Sid the credit, Sid's prices will drop 30%. If the player helps Sid, by guiding him through the process, Sid's prices will drop 15%. Lastly, if the player does most of the work, takes credit for it, but gives Sid some degree of credit, Sid will lower his prices 5%. Should the player take all the credit, no matter how much the player helped (it's not too difficult to convince Kyle that the player did most of the work), then Sid will get a bullet through his head and the player will become the new mechanic for the Rusty Hooks.

Character type completion breakdown

  1. Combat Boy, Stealth Boy – Combat boy can be errand boy for Sid, if Combat Boy has minimal mechanical skill.
  2. Diplomacy Boy – Can make it seem that player did a lot of work by bullshitting his way through the process.
  3. Science Boy – Up to the player how much he wants to contribute to the completion of the Mega-flamer.