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No way! I love Bess. Nobody is going make jerky out of her.Chosen One

Help Bess the Brahmin is an unmarked quest in Fallout 2.

Quick walkthrough

Unmarked Quest: Help Bess the Brahmin 
Have Doctor skill above 25%. 
Cure Bess' leg. 
Sell Bess to Grisham. (optional) 
Reward: 100 meat jerky, -5 Karma, 200 XP 
Release the brahmin from the slaughterhouse. (optional) 
Reward: Modoc reputation loss, +10 Karma 

Detailed walkthrough

Bess broke her leg. If the Chosen One has Doctor skill above 25% they can help fix it. After that, she'll follow them around Modoc. She will not enter the underground sections of the town, but will wait on the surface. She will stay in the party until they leave Modoc. The Chosen One can then sell her to Grisham in exchange for 100 meat jerky after one week and a loss of 5 Karma. If one changes their mind, the Chosen One can release her and the rest of the brahmin in the slaughterhouse pen for 10 Karma, but their reputation with Modoc will take a hit.