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Hell's Motel is a small building located on the edge of the Mesquite Mountains crater in the Mojave Wasteland.


The motel is a two-story shack containing the late Doctor Rotson. He had created a home for himself here, including a kitchen on the first floor, a lab, and his sleeping quarters on the second floor. The motel itself has several feral ghoul reavers outside which are not level-dependent. There are containers of glowing fungus being cultivated on the porch.

Despite the widespread radiation outside near the irradiated lake and on the motel's porch, Hell's Motel is radiation-free inside. Upon entering, the body of Dr. Rotson will be found lying in a pool of blood, along with a crazed Mister Handy. In the first room, one will find a pre-War hat on top of a globe, next to a harmonica. A briefcase sits in front on the ground. A weapon repair kit sits on the same shelf as the skill book, directly to the right of the radio.

The kitchen has a refrigerator filled with irradiated food, next to a still with a bottle of moonshine beside it. A Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap can be found on the kitchen table. A shelf with an irradiated mutfruit several rolls of duct tape is situated in the corner opposite of the still.

Notable loot


  • The oven cannot be looted, as it is a world model only, not a container.
  • The crazed Mr. Handy can remain as a decoration by disabling it with Robotics Expert.
  • The refrigerator is set to contain four of a random selection of irradiated foods or alcohol. There is only a 29% chance of any specific food item appearing, many of which cannot be found outside of here and Camp Searchlight.


Hell's Motel appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.