Helios Solar was a division of Poseidon Energy devoted to renewable energy in the 21st century, and had built a massive solar plant called HELIOS One in the Nevada desert.


Advertisement of HELIOS One can be found throughout the Mojave, with Poseidon Energy hailing the solar plant as "The dawn of a golden age". By 2281, the solar plant was being fought over by NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel. Its potential energy output is actually higher than that of Hoover Dam, since it can supply power to the entire Mojave Region. Like other insidious Poseidon projects, HELIOS One has a deadly ace up its sleeve: a massive super laser titled "Archimedes II".


Helios Solar is mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Greek mythology, Helios was the Titan personification for the sun and in Greek (Ἥλιος) the word still translates to "sun".

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