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Icon cut content.pngThe following is based on Fallout Tactics cut content and is not canon.

The Hedgehog is a weapon that was cut from Fallout Tactics. Originally designed to be a "bio-weapon", a mammalian version of the Boom bug. Instead of being strictly thrown, the Hedgehog had three modes, "Ambush", "Tracking" and the standard "Throw".

The first mode is similar to a mine in that enemies coming into its blast radius or making contact with it would get peppered with spines. The second mode allows the player to select a target and release the Hedgehog, causing it to scurry after them. The Hedgehog would shoot a tiny dart at the target, which does a negligible damage of 1 hp, but slows the target down. It would detonate upon contact. The third mode is of course self-explanatory.

The damage done in each mode was similar to the Boom bug, but lacked any special properties such as poison, and as such only causes physical damage, but did have a modifier for reduction of movement. The weapon was ineffective against vehicles.

The Hedgehog was cut from the game due to development time constraint, but the small roach uses the same renders as the Hedgehog.