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I'd be more than happy to have you. Heck, I'll hire anybody with a pair of legs and at least one good eye at this point.

Heck Gunderson, called "Hurricane Heck" for his unscrupulous business practices,[1] is a brahmin baron from California visiting New Vegas in 2281.


A wealthy brahmin baron and one of the largest landowners in Nevada and California,[2][3] Gunderson's aggressive business practices have been driving down the price of beef considerably while simultaneously making the meat more affordable and earning the homicidal ire of smaller brahmin ranchers, such as Walter Phebus. Gunderson started out as a small rancher with only one ranch to his name, but found it easy to grab land before the NCR military moved into the areas and quickly expanded east into Nevada earning himself over a dozen ranches, ranching both brahmin and bighorners.[3][4]

With his vast amount of land and large herds of brahmin and big horners,[4] Gunderson has made himself very wealthy but has been accused of using his wealth to bribe NCR senators and hiring mercenaries to threaten and intimidate competitors into selling their land for cheap to secure his near-monopoly on the brahmin meat market. Walter Phebus echos many of these sentiments and further accuses Gunderson of doing the same to him.[1][2]

Though he is reluctant to explain his business to the Courier, he hints that he came to New Vegas to negotiate with the White Glove Society over food distribution.[5] His business is less than scrupulous, however, as Heck Gunderson has been attacking the beef suppliers of the White Glove Society, essentially forcing them out of the competition so he can sell to White Gloves instead at such quantities that beef price goes down.[1] This is also backed up by Mortimer's proclamation should the Courier frame Heck.[6]


He can be found in the Ultra-Luxe casino, sitting at the bar and accompanied by one of his bodyguards, a Gunderson hired hand.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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  • Beyond the Beef: Heck's son, Ted has gone missing and Heck asks the Courier to help find him.
  • Pheeble Will: Walter Phebus wants Heck Gunderson to suffer because Heck has used threats of violence and intimidation to secure his ranching monopoly.

Effects of player's actions

If one decides to attack members of the White Glove Society, Heck will come to the Courier's aid if he is nearby.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Well-heeled gambler suit
Desperado cowboy hat
Caravan shotgun


Heck Gunderson appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.



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