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For an overview of various Vault jumpsuits in the Fallout series of games, see Vault jumpsuit.
FalloutShelterAppleStoreLogoThe following is based on Fallout Shelter or Fallout Shelter Online and some details might contradict canon.
Usually reserved for Vault Overseers and their families.— In-game description

The heavy vault suit is a legendary outfit in Fallout Shelter.


This is an improved version of the vault suit. The suit is made of the typical cloth of the vault suits. There are also leather shoulder pads and a chest protector, as well as a gauntlet and hood given to the suit. Several sturdy leather straps hold it together. It gives dwellers who equip it an exceptional +7 to Perception.



Name Effects Value Rarity
Armored vault suit +3 Perception 10 common
Sturdy vault suit +5 Perception 100 rare
Heavy vault suit +7 Perception 500 legendary



A high Perception statistic is needed to effectively create the heavy vault suit.

Icon range
Caps x21,000
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Heavy vault suit (1)


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