The unnamed tank[1] is a tank of the United States Armed Forces before the war. It appears in Fallout 4.


The tank was a tracked fighting vehicle used by the US Army during many of its wars both on and off U.S. soil including the short lived Great War, equipped with a twin-linked main cannon both of which appear to be equipped with bore evacuators or counterweights on the muzzles of the cannon barrels, and its nuclear engine now long empty. It rides on double track mounts, sporting 4 separate tracks instead of 2. It has an entry hatch on the roof. It has no visible secondary armament. The vehicle bears some resemblance, in turret shape at least, to the M46 Patton which was used by the U.S. Army during the early years of the Korean War. Unusually, it appears that parts of the tank engine on the rear would interfere with the movement of the turret, preventing it from rotating a full 360 degrees.



The tank near relay tower 0BB-915 has become stuck in rough terrain, as evidenced by a handful of skeletal soldiers with shovels. A nearby note indicates that the tank was taken for a joyride by a group of drunken soldiers immediately prior to the Great War.



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