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For an overview of tanks in the Fallout series, see Tank.

The heavy tank is a tank of the United States Armed Forces before the War.


The United States military has also utilized heavy duty conventional main battle tanks. The heavy tank is a behemoth powered by a nuclear engine which employs a pair of tracked chassis using the poorly-chosen leaf spring suspension, with a single turret mounted on the top. Its key advantage is firepower: The heavy tank is equipped with a pair of large-caliber 140mm[2] cannons using conventional ammunition.[3] All together, the tank weighed over sixty tons, making it unusable in marshlands and other soft terrains, despite the reliability that allowed for a single soldier to hotwire them and restore them to working order.[4] It has no visible secondary armament. The vehicle bears some resemblance, in turret shape at least, to the M46 Patton which was used by the U.S. Army during the early years of the Korean War, also sporting a similar commander's cupola. Unusually, it appears that parts of the powerplant on the engine deck would interfere with the movement of the turret, preventing it from rotating a full 360 degrees.


Fallout 4Edit

Fallout 76Edit


The tank near relay tower 0BB-915 has become stuck in rough terrain, as evidenced by a handful of skeletal soldiers with shovels. A nearby note indicates that the tank was taken for a joyride by a group of drunken soldiers immediately prior to the Great War.


The tank appears in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.

Behind the scenesEdit

The heavy tank was modeled by Tor Frick[5] and implemented by Lucas Hardi.[6]



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