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Thanks to practice and conditioning, you’re able to utilize the weightiest of weapons with an extra degree of precision.Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide

Heavy Gunner is a Strength-based perk in Fallout 4.


Increased damage with heavy guns.


Rank Requirements Description Form ID
1 STR 5 Thanks to practice and conditioning, heavy guns do 20% more damage. 0004A0D6
2 STR 5, LVL 11 Heavy guns now do 40% more damage, and have improved hip fire accuracy. 0004A0D7
3 STR 5, LVL 21 Heavy guns now do 60% more damage. Hip fire accuracy is increased even more. 0004A0D8
4 STR 5, LVL 35 Heavy guns now do 80% more damage and have a chance to stagger your opponent. 00065E2A
5 STR 5, LVL 47 Heavy guns now do double damage. 00065E2B

In addition to the 20% damage increase with each rank, the second and third ranks increase hip fire accuracy by 10% each, and the fourth rank grants a 10% chance to stagger enemies on hit.

Affected weapons

Weapons affected by this perk:
Base weapon Variant(s)
Broadsider -
Cryolator -
Fat Man Big Boy
Nuka-nuke launcher Nuka-World (add-on)
The Striker Far Harbor (add-on)
Flamer Sergeant Ash Far Harbor (add-on)
Gatling laser Final Judgment
Aeternus Nuka-World (add-on)
Harpoon gun Far Harbor (add-on) Admiral's Friend Far Harbor (add-on)
Defender's Harpoon Gun Far Harbor (add-on)
Skipper's Last Stand Far Harbor (add-on)
Heavy incinerator Creation Club -
Junk Jet -
Minigun Ashmaker
Missile launcher Death From Above


For explosive heavy weapons, Heavy Gunner also increases explosives damage. This stacks with the Demolition Expert perk.