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Heather Ellis is a resident of Flatwoods in Appalachia in 2103.


Heather traveled to Appalachia with Paige and the rest of the original settlers of Foundation. After some time, she decided to go out on her own and explore, although the trip from Foundation to Flatwoods was incredibly dangerous,[1] hoping to discover something about herself in the process. Although the Responders were wiped out by the Scorched prior to 2103, Heather discovered their story when she arrived in Flatwoods after following the Responders' radio broadcast. Admiring their purpose, she decided to stay in Flatwoods to see what else she could learn.[2]

Although the Responders were killed during the Scorched attack of Morgantown Airport, Ellis considers the group to have been very noble and brave for not running away, instead heroically sacrificing themselves to save others and help them survive in order to do what was right.[3][4] She also wears a Responder outfit she found in a nearby house, out of sentimental and admirable values for what the Responders were and stood for, hoping to one day see a new generation of Responders.[5]

As of 2103, she lives near the Flatwoods Church with her dog, Chloe. During this time, she has met several Vault 76 dwellers,[6] and become familiar with nearby areas of interest.[7]

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

This character has no special interactions.

Other interactionsEdit

She can be asked multiple questions about Flatwoods and her past. She also notes that coming to Flatwoods from Foundation was difficult and advises the player character not to go up there until they are properly equipped.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Responders paramedic jumpsuit


Heather Ellis appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


  1. Vault 76 resident: "Tell me about Foundation."
    Heather Ellis: "It's a community of settlers up in the mountains to the east. It's a nice enough place, I guess. That being said, it's a hell of a dangerous trip trying to get there. I barely made it out of the mountains alive. If I were you, I'd keep to the forest until you're ready to deal with some seriously nasty stuff."
  2. Vault 76 resident: "Tell me about yourself."
    Heather Ellis: "Me? There's not that much to tell, really. I came in with Paige and the rest, and stayed up at Foundation for awhile. It was nice. But eventually I wanted to go my own way, you know? Get out and see some places I've never seen, figure out who I am. When I heard the message on the radio about Flatwoods, I was curious to meet the Responders, so I made my way here. Of course, they were long gone by then, but I was interested in the work they'd been doing. The more I learned about them, the more I admired them. I decided to stay here and see what else I could learn. That's pretty much my story."
  3. Vault 76 resident: "They must really have cared about helping people to set up a training program."
    Heather Ellis: "Absolutely! Even in the face of an atomic holocaust, the Responders only thought about helping other people. They saved a lot of lives, and even when everything looked hopeless, they didn't stop trying to do what was right. It's a real tragedy that they're all gone now. People like us will never have the chance to thank them for everything they did."
  4. Vault 76 resident: "Doesn't look like training saved any of them."
    Heather Ellis: "That's a really insensitive thing to say. Those people risked their lives every day to help people survive. I think they were incredibly noble. And yes, as far as anyone knows, they were all killed when the Scorched attacked their base at Morgantown Airport. But that death wasn't a failure, it was a sacrifice, and a really heroic one, if you ask me. They could have run, but they didn't. I guess you must not have been around when the Responders were here, or you'd know all of this."
  5. Vault 76 resident: "What's with the Responder outfit?"
    Heather Ellis: "I found it in one of the houses. It fits great, and it's really comfortable and pretty durable, too. I'd also be lying if I said it didn't have some sentimental value for me. I've admired the Responders ever since I first heard about them. What they stood for - helping people no matter what - that was really important. Who knows, maybe someday there can be a new generation of Responders. I'd like to see that."
  6. Vault 76 resident: "[Perception 4+] You've got a good eye. What gave it away?"
    Heather Ellis: "To be honest, you don't really have the look and feel of someone who's spent their life out here in the wilds. The other people I've met from Vault 76 seemed a little more... how to put it... wide-eyed. Inexperienced. Still figuring things out, you know? They also tend to look healthier, more well-fed, and their skin's not so rough and calloused."
  7. Vault 76 resident: "Anything interesting you can tell me about this area?"
    Heather Ellis: "Yeah, there's a couple of places around here that qualify as interesting, at least to me. The Agricultural Research Center is infested with Feral Ghouls and homicidal robots, but you can find some good scrap in there if you're up to it. The New River Gorge Resort to the east is the same story, maybe minus the robots. Oh, and I found a note about a place called Gauley Mine, which I think is northeast of here. I'm Icon sic haven't checked it out yet."

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