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Your heart has been replaced with advanced technologies: You cannot be poisoned, and filters in your heart will also regulate bleeding and healing, allowing all healing items (chems) to function at a higher level. Robots are now confused by you and 50% less likely to score a critical hit.Fallout: New Vegas description

Heartless is a special perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


In the initial dialogue with Dr. Klein as part of the quest Welcome to the Big Empty, the Courier finds out that their brain, heart and spine have been removed and replaced. This perk represents the replacement of their heart. While technically having these perks from the start of the add-on, they are unlocked in the course of the conversation.


Immunity to poisoning, -50% to Critical Chance for robots against the player character, and bonus healing with certain items. Stimpaks gain 10 bonus healing on use, and the following aid items gain five healing on use. This additional healing is displayed on the items themselves.



  • Since the Cloud in the Sierra Madre is corrosive and not poisonous, it will still hurt the Courier even with this perk.
  • Heartless shares the same Vault Boy image as Cardiac Arrest.
  • Cazadores, usually being very lethal creatures, become significantly less threatening even in swarms due to their damage primarily relying on poison. This makes battles with the Legendary Cazador and the later encountered Specimen 73 easier.

Behind the scenes

Heartless is an adjective associated with cruelty or a lack of remorse. Despite its vernacular meaning, it has no bearing on the perk's effects.


  • PCPC The Sink Auto-Doc message for this perk erroneously states "...allowing all healing items (chems) to function at a higher level (+25%)". [verification needed]

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