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The key to ultimately defeating the Scorchbeasts may lie in their very DNA.

Daily: Heart of the Enemy is a daily quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Daily quest: Heart of the Enemy
Read Scribe Grant's terminal on the fourth floor inside Fort Defiance.
Read the Mission 099-01 orders in the bedroom next to the kitchen.
Go to Vault-Tec University and find the "automated research terminal" inside.
Head to the reactor room near the entrance to the simulation vault and find the "power terminal" on the southern wall.
Access the terminal and allocate power to the "automated research lab."
Retrieve a sample of viable scorchbeast DNA from any scorchbeast.
Return to Vault-Tec University and load the sample into the automated centrifuge.
Access the automated research terminal and executed the automated tests.
Reward: 825/800 XP, 100 Bottle cap, 8 Legendary scrip, random items

Detailed walkthrough

The Brotherhood of Steel was looking for weaknesses of the scorchbeasts by means of an automated research lab inside Vault-Tec University. This quest becomes first available towards the end of Recruitment Blues, as it requires the Vault Dweller to have access to the fourth floor of Fort Defiance. This quest also needs to be completed once in order for it to become a daily quest.

In order to start this quest, head inside Fort Defiance, go to the laser-grid protected elevator and take it up to the fourth floor. Head to the southwesternmost room with the two power armor stations, and access Scribe Grant's terminal on the nearby table. Read through the entries related to "Mission 099-01." Once done, leave the terminal, and head to the bedroom on the southern wall, which is directly opposite of the previous room and has Senior Knight Wilson's terminal in it. Upon entering, read Mission 099-01 orders in order to learn about the "Automated Research Lab" inside Vault-Tec University and the password for it. The note is located on a table to the left, right next to a holotape.

Head to Vault-Tec University next, and enter through the main entrance behind Gilbert. Once inside, head forward and turn east, then take the first room on the right, which is labeled as A 1 Facilities Management and has the "automated research terminal" on a table in the back. Access the terminal in order to find that it is part of the automated research lab and requires additional power, which requires accessing another terminal in the reactor room near one of the entrances to the simulation vault. Leave the room and turn north, past the main hall, until reaching a locked door leading to the reactor room. Pick the lock, or alternatively use the reactor key, if Overseer, Overseen has already been completed.

Inside the reactor room, head down the stairs and find the level 0 locked "power terminal" on the southern wall. Note that the nearby reactors emit up to 10 rads each second without proper Radiation Resistance. Hack the terminal and choose to divert power to the automated research lab, which grants 25 XP once. Return to the automated research terminal, and read its entries in order to learn more about finding weaknesses in scorchbeasts.

The last step requires the retrieval of viable scorchbeast DNA. Even though the quest marker leads to a fissure site in the Cranberry Bog region, the DNA sample can be retrieved by interacting with any deceased scorchbeast, including those killed by other Vault Dwellers, and even the Scorchbeast queen. Once the sample is obtained, return to the Vault-Tec University and load it into the automated centrifuge next to the research terminal. Then access the terminal and select Execute automated test.

This completes the quest, and grants either 825 XP if completing it for the first time, or 800 XP if completing the daily quest on other occasions. Further rewards are 100 caps, eight legendary scrip, an improved chance to receive a Gatling laser, and random items, with a small chance for a legendary weapon or armor. First time completing the quest also awards the achievement for it as well.

Note that for subsequent completions of the daily quest, it is only required to retrieve a scorchbeast DNA sample and return it to the automated research terminal, which remains powered indefinitely.

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Read Scribe Grant's terminal
Learn more about Mission 099-01The Brotherhood of Steel was looking for a way to identify the Scorchbeasts' weaknesses. It involved Mission 099-01. I need to find more information about that mission.
Find the Automated Research TerminalMission 099-01 involves going to Vault-Tec University and wiring up one of their Automated Research Labs to find the weaknesses of the Scorchbeasts.
Power up the Automated Research TerminalIn order to research the Scorchbeasts at VTU, I first need to divert more power to the Automated Research Lab's equipment.
Use the Automated Research TerminalWith the Automated Research Lab fully powered, now I might be able to find out how to conduct research on the Scorchbeasts.
Retrieve Viable Scorchbeast DNAIn order to research the weaknesses of the Scorchbeasts I need to collect pristine samples of Scorchbeast DNA.
Put Scorchbeast DNA in CentrifugeI've got a good sample of Scorchbeast DNA. Now I need to get to the Automated Research Lab and place the DNA in the centrifuge.
Analyze Scorchbeast DNAThe Scorchbeast DNA is prepped. Now I just need to run the Automated Research Program so it can start to analyze it.
Complete Quest


  • With patch, the lockpicking skill requirement for the door leading to the reactor room was lowered from 1 to 0.
  • The daily quest, should it be the active one for that day, is triggered automatically upon entering the Cranberry Bog region.


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 On rare occasions, the DNA cannot be harvested. The key to initiate the harvesting process is simply unresponsive.[verified]

  • This can be fixed by simply killing another scorchbeast.