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For the achievement, see Heart of the Enemy (achievement).

The key to ultimately defeating the Scorchbeasts may lie in their very DNA.

Daily: Heart of the Enemy is a daily quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

The Brotherhood of Steel was looking for weaknesses of the scorchbeasts. It involved Mission 099-01, which requires going to Vault-Tec University and wiring up one of their Automated Research Labs to find the weaknesses of the scorchbeasts.

Detailed walkthrough

  • This daily quest becomes available towards the end of Recruitment Blues and gaining access to the upper floor of Fort Defiance. Find Mission 099-01 orders in Fort Defiance in a folder on a dresser in the bedroom next to the kitchen on the fourth floor.
  • First to acquire viable scorchbeast DNA, one must kill a scorchbeast or find a dead one, approach the corpse and press a corresponding button under the inventory HUD window to acquire a DNA sample from the scorchbeast. It is not an item that can be looted. On PS4 by default the button to collect this sample is as follows: On PS4 it's Triangle, on XBOX it's Y and on PC it's SPACE.
  • Then go to Vault-Tec University. The automated research lab requires power. To provide it, one needs to find the generator room, access the power terminal, and select the option "Allocate Power to Automated Research Lab."
  • Then, activate the Automated Research Terminal and choose "Execute Automated Test." The terminal indicates it needs a fresh scorchbeast DNA sample.
  • To complete the quest, place the sample into the automated centrifuge. Then go to the research terminal and select "Execute Automated Test."

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Read Scribe Grant's terminal
Learn more about Mission 099-01The Brotherhood of Steel was looking for a way to identify the Scorchbeasts' weaknesses. It involved Mission 099-01. I need to find more information about that mission
Find the Automated Research TerminalMission 099-01 involves going to Vault-Tec University and wiring up one of their Automated Research Labs to find the weaknesses of the Scorchbeasts.
Power up the Automated Research TerminalIn order to research the Scorchbeasts at VTU, I first need to divert more power to the Automated Research Lab's equipment.
Use the Automated Research TerminalWith the Automated Research Lab fully powered, now I might be able to find out how to conduct research on the Scorchbeasts.
Retrieve Viable Scorchbeast DNAIn order to research the weaknesses of the Scorchbeasts I need to collect pristine samples of Scorchbeast DNA.
Put Scorchbeast DNA in CentrifugeI've got a good sample of Scorchbeast DNA. Now I need to get to the Automated Research Lab and place the DNA in the centrifuge.
Analyze Scorchbeast DNAThe Scorchbeast DNA is prepped. Now I just need to run the Automated Research Program so it can start to analyze it.


  • As of patch, the lockpicking skill requirement for the door between the automated research program and the reactor has been reduced from 1 to 0.
  • The repeatable daily quest, should it be the active one for that day, is triggered automatically upon entering the Cranberry Bog region.
  • Powering up the research lab is only required when doing the quest for the first time, it remains powered up indefinitely afterwards. Therefore this quest step is automatically skipped in subsequent instances.
  • Any dead scorchbeast can be harvested, the player is not required to kill one themselves.


  • Icon pc.png After placing the DNA in the centrifuge, one must go to the terminal near the generators (one floor down) to divert enough power to the centrifuge. However, the terminal may not give this option. To fix this issue, a player character must return to Fort Defiance and head to the fourth floor, finding the Mission 099-01 orders note, which will then give a new option in the automated research terminal. This allows the player character to then interact with the generators terminal and give power to the centrifuge and terminal.[verified]
  • Icon pc.png Icon ps4.png On rare occasions, the DNA cannot be harvested. The key to initiate the harvesting process is simply unresponsive.[verified]
    • This can be fixed by simply switching to another game world, though the player will have to kill another scorchbeast.