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Healing powder is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Although made at a campfire, healing powder uses the Medicine skill to scale its effectiveness. It also counts as a stimpak for the purposes of the Stim-ply Amazing achievement.

Soldiers of the Legion use healing powder as their primary source of medicine and healing since the Legion bans the use of other chems, such as stimpaks. Due to this, the Courier can find healing powder around Legion camps and carried by legionaries. Large quantities of healing powder are found at the Legion fort.

Legate Lanius carries a special version called Legate healing powder. It is weightless, heals 3 HP per second over 27 seconds at maximum effectiveness, and uses the same world model as Buffout. However, it deducts 3 Perception.


This item can be crafted by the Courier after Sunny Smiles teaches the recipe following the quest By a Campfire on the Trail.

Creation requirements

Healing powder (1)



  • Healing powder is the only craftable item in the base game that has no skill requirement. This is because it is required to be crafted as part of the game's tutorial quest.
  • Though healing powder counts as being healed via stimpak for the Stim-ply Amazing achievement, its use does not show as a stimpak used on the Pip-Boy 3000.
  • Teaching Siri an improved recipe for healing powder in the unmarked quest Powder to the People will gain Legion fame. It requires a Survival skill of 20.
  • An Accepted or better reputation with the Legion allows Siri to give the Courier a daily supply.
  • An unmarked quest in Honest Hearts involves giving Daniel additional supplies of healing powder, explained through a note given to the Courier after their first meeting with Daniel.