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Headhunter's headcheese is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


The note can be found at Bloody Frank's, on a shelf in the northern kitchen area.


Headhunter's Headcheese

The other day while wandering through Appalachia, I was fondly reminded of a dish my dear Grammy used to make when I was a youth. I've been experimenting with what I could find around here to replicate this dish!

- Any red meat will do, but we're looking for as much facial tissue as we can find
- Salt, spices and a broth to pull it all together

Take half your meat and grind it to a pulp, then cube the rest leaving any tasty, gelatinous bits like a good piece of ear or nose. Mix that with your salt, spices and water and bake the mixture in a stag skull to impart flavor. For a real treat, I like to find one of those Foundation folks, lob her head off and scoop the insides out. Just like my sweet old Grammy used to make.


Upon picking up this note, the player character will automatically learn how to craft headhunter's headcheese. This functionality was added in the Steel Dawn update.