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Hunter's headcheese is a food item that was introduced in the Fallout 76 update Steel Dawn.


Most types of raw meat are accepted to craft this item, although the only requirements shown to the player character are bone, salt and spices. The item can take more than one attempt to craft.[1]


Bone (2)
Spices (3)
Salt (3)
Build at:
Learn Method:
Headhunter's Headcheese (1)


Can be crafted at any cooking station, after reading the note Headhunter's headcheese which is located at Bloody Frank's.


Headhunter's headcheese was originally cut from Wastelanders and enabled in Steel Dawn.


  1. Accepts most types of raw meat as a crafting material. The actual recipe is randomly generated, so it is recommended to toggle the uncraftable recipes until it appears as craftable. There is also a 15% chance that no meat is required for crafting.