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The head wrap is a piece of headwear in Fallout: New Vegas.


The head wrap can be found in the wasteland in a variety of different colors. It has no DT, weight, or value. Head wraps can only be repaired with other head wraps. Unlike most clothing, they cannot be repaired by merchants because they have no value. They can be used to repair space suit helmets.



Worn by travelers in Vault 21.

Dark gray

Head wrap dark grey.png

Worn by Michael Angelo's assistant, Little Beard, Philip Lem and the travelers staying in Vault 21.


Head wrap white.png

Worn by travelers staying in Vault 21, prospectors and mercenaries. There is also one in Michael Angelo's workshop, in his bedroom on the shelf.

Yellow/red plaid

Head wrap red yellow.png

A unique version of the head wrap can be found in the left bathroom locker of Pearl's barracks in Nellis Air Force Base. Although the Pip-Boy identifies it as a head wrap, it differs from the regular version for having a faded green & red pattern (resembling 'kill' hash marks and 'target dots' when viewed up close) on an ochre background.