The Haymarket Mall is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Haymarket Mall is almost completely dilapidated, with most rooms shut off from exploration. The main area consists of two floors, accessible via various stairwells, with an elevator leading to more dilapidated rooms upstairs.

The lower section has access to Congress Street garage, while the upper floors have access to the exterior roof.

Notable lootEdit

  • If taking the elevator, on the side the deathclaw spawned, to the bottom floor there is a locked safe. On the floor above the locked safe there is a Stealth Boy on a dresser. The same areas can also be accessed by dropping down one level at a time in the collapsed building on the southeast side where the monorail crashed.
  • Haymarket Mall key - Carried by a raider on the second level of the mall, northeast room.


  • A leveled deathclaw lives on the roof in the Garden terrace, which can be accessed by an elevator inside the building.
  • The wall-mounted turrets inside are friendly to the player character and only target the raiders, until the hostile protectrons or turrets on the upper levels have detected them. Any remaining automated defenses including the turrets and protectrons on the lower floors will become hostile after this.
  • A terminal connected to two protectron pods and the downstairs turrets can be located to the left as the Sole Survivor is entering via the main entrance.
  • The protectrons and turrets on the 8th floor are controlled by a separate terminal in a blue console on the 8th floor.
  • An Expert locked door to the Congress Street garage, an unmarked underground parking garage, can be found in the back of the building. This door can be unlocked by the Haymarket Mall key, which is carried by a random raider inside the building.


The Haymarket Mall only appears in Fallout 4.


Xbox OneIcon xboxone The frame for the elevator that takes from floor 2 to floor 8 doesn't move. The buttons, hatch, and doors move with the Sole Survivor, but the frame stays on the lower level. The Sole Survivor can still go up or down when using the elevator. This will occur when loading an automatic save from entering created from the Congress Street garage locked door. [verified]


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