Canonbox default.pngThe following is based on content from Fallout: The Board Game.

Overseer Hayes is the current overseer of Vault 84 during any game of Fallout: The Board Game. She has been acting a bit more suspicious as of late and is paranoid that she will get exiled from Vault 84 during the vote.


Hayes is the overseer, and thinks that she will be voted into exile. Due to this paranoia, she opens the vault door to outsiders in hopes that the outsider are voted into exile instead. It is unknown what happens to her when she is exiled to the wastes.

Interactions with the player character


  • Vault 84 Vote: She gives this quest in hopes that the player is exiled. It is possible to have her exiled instead if her diary entry is read.


Overseer Hayes appears only in Fallout: The Board Game.

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