Some of these weapons look like they came from Hawthorne Army Depot, place has a lot of history.Cass

Hawthorne Army Depot, also called Area 2 is a military base in southwest Nevada, mentioned by the Boomers and Cass.


Located 250 miles northwest of Las Vegas along Highway 95, the depot was established in 1930 as Naval Ammunition Depot Hawthorne (Hawthorne NAD). Some time between then and the Great War, command of this facility was transferred to the Department of the Army.[1]

According to Pete at Nellis Air Force Base, Area 2 was a huge military depot in Nevada, located many miles away from the Nellis AFB. The Boomers obtained their Howitzers and ammunition for them from it, dragging them across the Wasteland to Nellis AFB over several weeks.[2] Cass identifies the weapons as originating from the Hawthorne Army Depot, a military base with a lot of history.[3]


The Hawthorne Army Depot is only mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

Hawthorne Army Depot, or Area 2 Nevada National Security Site, is a real world location at the Nevada Test Site in the Mojave Desert. The area is located 18 miles southeast of Area 51 and is part of Nellis Air Force Base. Area 2 is the site of 144 test launches comprising of 169 detonations to date.[4]


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