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I'm just... sorry you had to get caught up in all this.— Harvey

Harvey is a wasteland survivor in the Nuka-World transit center in 2287.


Harvey was a trader who came to Nuka-World prior to the raider invasion that led to the three raider gangs controlling the park, killing or enslaving most of the inhabitants. His family was killed, and he was placed in a shock collar amongst many other traders, whom he now considers his family.

When first encountered in the transit center, Harvey appears to be injured and tells people that he escaped the raider-infested but wealthy Nuka-World, and that his wife Lisa and his son Cody are still trapped there. If the player character attempts to help or question Harvey too much, he will admit that he is pretending to be injured, and being forced by the raiders to lure anyone he can into the Nuka-Express which leads to a torture maze dubbed the Gauntlet.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.

Other interactions

  • He may be found in a random encounter in the Commonwealth, the Sole Survivor can free him after some dialogue.
  • By passing a persuasion option, Harvey will reveal his true intentions.
    • By passing a separate hard persuasion option, he can be offered a stimpak, which he will refuse, before telling the truth.
  • He can later be found in Nuka-World, where one can choose to spare or kill him. Harvey has no weapons and will run, and any nearby raiders (and companions) will open fire on him if the Sole Survivor chooses either of the two "dead man" options.
  • If one chooses the conversation option "You're a dead man" upon running into him again in Nuka-World, everyone attacks him but he never actually dies. He just falls down and gets back up, only to be instantly targeted again.
  • While roaming the park, Harvey appears to be hiding the fact that he is not wearing his shock collar. His outfit covers his neck, and pickpocketing him reveals that the collar is not equipped.
  • If Open Season is completed, speaking to Harvey will change his dialogue, as he shows gratitude for the rescue, and is very happy with the player character's decision to aid the traders of the park by getting rid of all of the raiders.
  • If killed in the Nuka-World transit center, Porter Gage will speak over the loudspeaker, calling the Sole Survivor "ruthless" for killing an innocent, then will invite the Sole Survivor to board the monorail to Nuka-World.
  • After becoming overboss of Nuka-World, he may be found in the Commonwealth in Hyde Park, trying to fool more wastelanders. He can be freed and will leave the Commonwealth.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Undershirt & jeans
Radstag hide outfit


Harvey appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


PCPC Upon approaching Harvey in the Nuka-World transit center, he may immediately die, and then Gage acts as if you killed him. Reloading a past save does not seem to fix this.[verification overdue]

  • This can be fixed by using the console command Set Essential xx007D59 1 to make him essential and unkillable.