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The Harpers Ferry tunnel is a location in the Mire region of Appalachia.


A historic train tunnel near the town of Harpers Ferry in West Virginia, prior to the Great War the infrastructure was used to travel east across the mountains. Unbeknownst to the public, it was also the site of an underground pipeline project by the Bysshe Company.[1]

At some point after the war, the tunnel was used by the Blue Ridge Caravan Company to transport goods and people into Appalachia.

In 2104, the Vault Dweller had to pass large sets of strangler vines blocking passages in Bysshe underground natural gas pipeline facility. To achieve this, the Vault Dweller would utilize a strong herbicide developed by the Bysshe employees prior to weaken the vines enough to allow them to be cut or shot down.[2]


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Notable loot

  • Caravan manifest - Note, on a metal shelf in the southern end of the caravan area, in the same room where a mongrel spawns.
  • Cassie's journal - Note, on a crate within a pipe on the northern end of the caravan area.
  • Command parameters - Holotape, can be retrieved from the body of the Sheepsquatch Imposterling once it is destroyed.
  • Damn radstorms! - Note, on a table above the stairs on the northeastern side of the caravan area.
  • Guard note - Note, in the checkpoint before reaching Aries.
  • I admit it - Note, next to Mel's skeleton and a briefcase, just past the gate to the laboratory.
  • IT work order - Note, on the desk next to the observation terminal in the upper observation room.
  • Internal incident report - Note, on a desk in a side office before entering the main pipeline room.
  • Open sesame seed - Note, on a blue table near a skeleton in the upper observation room.
  • Prohibited items - Note, on a counter near the metal detectors at the entrance to the pipeline.
  • Reminder about password - Note, pinned to a bulletin board next to the gate in the upper observation room.
  • Suspicious noises - Note, on a desk in the room to the south of the waterline console and overlooking the large machine.


The codes used for the panels within the tunnel are as follows:

  • Panel One: 12-11-22-13 (Open)
  • Panel Two: 8-22-8-26-14-22 (Sesame)
  • Panel Three: 8-22-22-23 (Seed)


The Harpers Ferry tunnel appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Reign update.



  1. Aries: "Just your run-of-the-mill illegal natural gas pipeline, courtesy of the fine people at the Bysshe Company. A bit before the War, Bysshe offered to maintain this historic train tunnel out of the goodness of their cold, corporate hearts. And, wouldn't you know it, they may have had an ulterior motive."
    (Aries' dialogue)
  2. Events of Out of the Blue

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