Harpers Ferry Armory terminal entries are a series of entries found on a terminal in the Harpers Ferry Armory in Fallout 76.

Raleigh's terminalEdit

Perimeter Edit


We finally got a decent perimeter set up around Harpers Ferry. It's quite the improvised mix of train cars and scrap. Fingers crossed, she holds. Eddie's working on getting patrols together.

Miranda's completely stepped aside which has eased some of the tension. The woman has many flaws, but to her credit, pride ain't one of them.

Brotherhood of SteelEdit


We met a group today calling themselves the Brotherhood of Steel. Believe me, it ain't no union. From what I heard, some of them once forced a group of our own out of Thunder Mountain back when they went by some other name.

Either way, I don't like it. We're not rebuilding this place to be taken over by some self-proclaimed military. They're exactly what we wanted to get away from.

Trade RoutesEdit


We've been able to set up a few small trade routes which have been risky but successful. We found a couple more communities out there. Some people are building up in the trees, others managed a decent shanty town, for lack of a better word.

Then of course there's the route we secured to Charleston to work with the Responders. It's been a decent exchange so far, and hopefully we can build it up.



We found a body the other day. It's so torn up we have no way of knowing who it was, and it's got the entire town in an uproar. Most are worried about some new killer creature. But a few other folks think we got a madman on the loose.

Of course Sam's also nowhere to be found, so the next question is, is he the victim? The man just got here after burying his daughter. It wouldn't surprise me if this was what he wanted. Eddie, Niraj, Miranda; they all think it's him, but my gut says otherwise. And why? I guess believing Sam just left without a word is still better than him being dead.

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