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This is a transcript for dialogue with Harland.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 You did good, smoothskin. Never thought I'd get out of that room. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Kind of busy running for my life here, smoothskin. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Come and get it, you big dumb - 3
Neutral 50 Hey! You're not one of those things out there. Who the hell are you? 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Did you find my friend? 5
GREETING Neutral 50 What do you want now, smoothskin? 6
HarlandAlreadyFree I did find her, unfortunately. Neutral 50 I see. Spare me the details. Goddamn. She had the yellowest smile... 7
Neutral 50 You did your part, so I'll do mine. Go ahead and root around up here if you want. I'm going to make a break for topside. 8
HarlandByAskingYou How can I help get you out of this room? Neutral 50 Ha! Well, you're polite, I'll give you that. If this was just between you and me, I'd do as you ask. But it's not. 9
Neutral 50 I had a friend with me when those mutant bastards came out of nowheres. She panicked and ran the wrong direction - further into the basement. 10
Neutral 50 She's probably dead, but I ain't leaving until I know for sure. I'd have gone looking myself, except I wouldn't last a minute out there. 11
Neutral 50 You, on the other hand, seem pretty resourceful. Find my friend, and I'll get out of your way. 12
HarlandByKillingYou Looks like I have to kill you. Neutral 50 Then you're dumber than you look, smoothskin. Eat this! 13
HarlandFriendDead Yes, unfortunately. Neutral 50 I see. Well, spare me the details. 14
Neutral 50 Damn it, I'm going to miss that crooked, yellow smile... 15
Neutral 50 All right, you did your part, so I'll do mine. Look around up here if you want. I'm going to make a break for topside. 16
HarlandGoodbye Goodbye. Neutral 50 Later. 17
HarlandHowEndUpHere How did you end up trapped down here? Neutral 50 First off, I'm not trapped. This was a tactical choice, all right? 18
Neutral 50 I'm no match for those things out there, so I found a good defensive position, and I've been defending it, right? 19
Neutral 50 ...Aw, who am I fooling? I'm trapped. Name's Harland. Pleased to meet you. 20
Neutral 50 What happened was, I was escorting folks down to work when those things attacked us. 21
Neutral 50 Most of the fight was upstairs, but some folks panicked and made for the basement. And I went after them. 22
Neutral 50 Well, turns out there were even more of those bastards down here than upstairs, and things went to shit fast. 23
Neutral 50 I couldn't find the others, so I fell back to this room and set up a nice little kill zone. End of story. 24
How have you survived? Neutral 50 I'm not delicate. Radroach meat for protein, condensation off the pipes for water, and I do my business over in the far corner. 25
Neutral 50 I wouldn't say it's been comfy. 26
HarlandICanFindHer I'll try to find your friend. Neutral 50 Thanks. Let me know what you find out. Here's hoping she's okay. 27
HarlandLookDifferent You don't look like the other ghouls from Bright's group. Neutral 50 Guess the outfit gives that away, huh? I never did buy into that religious mumbo-jumbo with the robes and all that shit. 28
Neutral 50 It gets lonely out in the wastes, okay? And I don't have to tell you that Bright's group has got some fine-looking ghoulettes in it! 29
Neutral 50 Eh... or maybe I would have to tell you... 30
Neutral 50 Anyway, I helped them out, and they kept me supplied with ammo and pleasant company. 31
What can you tell me about the "demons"?
What can you tell me about the creatures out there? Neutral 50 I kill them on sight, so we haven't had much time to get acquainted. 32
Neutral 50 They're hard to see, obviously, but they aren't too smart when it comes to tactics. Or not stepping in traps. 33
HarlandNoWord I haven't found her yet. Neutral 50 I'm not expecting good news, but keep looking. 34
HarlandPartsInfo Chris said you might know where I can find computer parts. Neutral 50 He did, did he? I swear, I should tear the rest of the hair out of that cocksucker's head. 35
Neutral 50 Send a rescue mission after Harland? Nah, let's just send some smoothskin whose radio got broke! 36
Neutral 50 Harland's tough! He probably enjoys waiting to be attacked at any moment! He probably loves eating nothing but roach meat! 37
Neutral 50 Licking up condensation from a rusted pipe is his idea of fun! So's doing his business in a corner, and smelling it for days! 38
Neutral 50 But oh, that's right - the crisis is that you need some computer parts! Well, you can go fuck yourself until you get my friends out of this mess. 39
HarlandWhatFolks What "folks" were you escorting to work? Neutral 50 Oh, you haven't run across Bright's little cult upstairs, eh? 40
Neutral 50 Harmless bunch, really. Religion and me never really got along, but they're good company. I helped out with odds and ends. 41
HarlandWhereParts Where did you say I might find some computer parts again? Neutral 50 And I thought I was old. It's a junkshop east and slightly north of here. There's an old woman running it. Gilbert, or something. 42
PC says what he's doing here.
Jason sent me down here to get rid of the "demons." Neutral 50 And I bet he told you it's the creator's will for you to risk your ass, instead of him, right? 43
Neutral 50 Well, good luck with that! I'd give you a hand, but no thanks. I may look like a corpse, but I'm partial to living! 44
I'm looking for a stash of StealthBoys in this room. Neutral 50 A stash of Stealth Boys. Are you kidding me? 45
Neutral 50 If there was some big stash of devices in here that made you invisible, do you really think we'd be having this conversation? 46
Can I come up there and look? Maybe you missed the Stealth Boys. Neutral 50 The only thing you'll find up here is a bullet hole between your eyes. Got any better ideas? 47
I'm exploring, that's all. What about you? Neutral 50 Maybe you noticed a bunch of invisible monsters out there? I've been in here trying not to get dead. 48