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This is a transcript for dialogue with Hardball.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 SFL02_Track_HardballGreetScene 003E2291 You there. Civilian. Identify! Demanding, rushed.
2 SFL02_Track_HardballIntroScene 001310C6 I've reason to believe their party was ambushed and a distress beacon deployed, but the signal is too weak to find.
3 Your duty is to find a signal booster. Officially giving instructions.
4 Possible search locations include: Harpers Ferry or the Valley Galleria Electronic Store. Official, stating information.
5 0032E036 Hmm. Initial readings indicate non-hostile. To himself.
6 As a member of the Free States and protector of Harpers Ferry, I hereby conscript you into service.
7 I have wounded to protect, and re-establishing communications with Duncan McKann is vital. Sounding official.
8 0032E19F Attach the booster, release the Cargobot, and wait for the distress signal ping to reach your Pip-Boy. Officially giving instructions.
9 Follow the ping. Find the party. Dismissed! Officially giving instructions.
10 003EB391 Once you've acquired the booster, proceed to the Survival Training Center and call down a Cargobot using this passcode. Officially giving instructions.
11 003E228C No immediate government threat observed.
12 003E228D This better not be my ocular sensors betraying me... Running diagnostics... Sensors nominal. Visual confirmed.
13 003E228E I could use your assistance, citizen.
14 003E228F I've a mission that would benefit us both.
15 003E2290 You need to survive. I have a duty to fulfill. Fair trade I'd say.
16 004DDF83 That signal booster should be enough to make the distress beacon detectable.
17 004DDF84 If you're going to Harpers Ferry, tell Hayes I sent you and you need that signal booster pronto.
18 004DDF85 Hayes said that old Cargobot supply system's still up an running. Here's hoping he's right.
19 004DDF86 Watch out for ghouls in the area. My analysis indicated a higher level of intelligence than usual.
20 004DDF87 The Brotherhood better not interfere with your mission.
21 SFL02_Track_HardballFlavorScene 004DDF81 The Survival Training Center is southwest of our location. It is also known as Camp Venture.
22 Should you encounter interference with the Brotherhood of Steel members stationed there, inform them that you represent the Free States. Officially giving instructions.
23 Your mission is vital, and objections will result in valuable lives lost. Officially giving instructions.
24 004DDF88 My duty lies here, protecting the wounded, otherwise I would accompany you on this mission.
25 Now go. There's no time to waste.
26 004DDF80 With that signal booster attached to the Cargobot, it should be high enough to pick up the distress beacon signal and magnify it. Officially giving instructions.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 001310AA 001324A4 I'll see this mission through till the end.
2 001324AC Checking for vitals. So low, they're undetectable... Soldier reporting.
3 001324AD I admire your calm, soldiers. Soldier to soldier.
4 001324AE Don't you die on me, Jackie. Stern. One soldier telling another to hang in there.
5 001324DF Observing... nothing new to report.
6 001310AD 0013155C At ease, soldier.
7 0013157F Eyes to the trees. You can't be too careful.
8 0013247E Can't let your guard down out here.
9 00132494 Almost time for some routine maintenance.
10 004DDF7F If you see Hayes or Clay at Harpers Ferry, have them send assistance immediately.
11 00330B8E 00330B91 Eat fist, you ungodly, freak of nature!
12 00330B92 How do you like that, you mother-loving bastard!