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Hard Bargain is a Charisma-based perk in Fallout 76. The perk image is similar to previous perks in the series Master Trader and Cap Collector from Fallout 4.


The Hard Bargain perk decreases the price of items vendors are selling and increases price of items sold to vendors. This perk does not affect trading prices with other players.


Rank Description Form ID
1 Buying and selling prices at vendors are better. 001D2456
2 Buying and selling prices at vendors are even better. 000D75E2
3 Buying and selling prices at vendors are now much better. 001D2457


Hard Bargain increases the character's Charisma stat, for the purposes of bartering only, by three points per rank. The lowest achievable buy price modifier is 1.75, reached at 25 total Charisma. The highest possible sell price modifier is 0.25, reached at 20 total Charisma.