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I'll be damned if I give up on taking back my land.— Harborman

The harbormen are a faction on the Island in 2287.


The harbormen populate the docks of Far Harbor. Many of them are fishermen who combat the dreadful creatures of the Island but they also consist of refugees, who had to flee their homes when the Fog covered much of the Island. Harbormen are fiercely independent, as each "is the captain of their own ship."[1]

Culturally, harbormen are also typically wary and mistrustful of outsiders from the mainland. One example is the Church of the Children of Atom, with who the harbormen are currently in a state of conflict, as they believe the Children are responsible for the lethality of the Fog. There are those who can earn their respect, however. Teddy Wright's family, who originated from the mainland, eventually earned acceptance from the harbormen after generations of hard work as doctors. A faster way for outsiders to earn respect is to participate in the "Captain's Dance," granted that they survive doing the dangerous tradition.

The synths of Acadia are a more unique case, as the harbormen begrudgingly owe them their lives for supplying them with fog condensers, as well as maintaining a wind turbine necessary to power the devices. In return for building the fog condensers, Acadia is given access to the port and traders which allows it to sustain itself and the harbormen direct synths arriving from the Commonwealth to Acadia. The harbormen, unlike inhabitants in the Commonwealth, are also largely unaware of what exactly synths are and thus have almost little to no prejudice against them.

Interactions with the player character

When the player character interacts with harbormen, they respond with generic responses, much like Diamond City residents and security.

Notable members


The harbormen appear only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


  1. The Mariner: "Each Harborman is the captain of his own ship. Worked fine for generations on the homesteads. Your land, your rules." (The Mariner's dialogue)