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Welcome, please sit in the chair. The show is about to begin.
V11 slide 2

The Happy Trails slide show is a presentation created by the Vault-Tec Corporation specifically for use in Vault 11 and its experiment. The slide show would play when a chosen sacrifice would enter the sacrificial chamber and sit down in the chair in the middle of the room. The purpose of the slide show was meant to bring the sacrifice to false sense calm and acceptance before their violent death.


Welcome narration[]

# Slide Voice-over narration
V11 slide 1

Introduction slide
V11 slide 2

Congratulations, martyr, your fantastic journey is only just beginning. Please proceed to the light. The light is calming and puts your mind at ease. Go to the light. Welcome, please sit in the chair. The show is about to begin.

Not sitting in the chair results in following additional lines:
The show requires that you sit in the chair.
It is absolutely essential that you sit in the chair
You have no other choice. You must sit in the chair

Main slideshow[]

# Slide Voice-over narration
V11 slide 4

Greeting, martyr, and welcome! If you're here now, it means you've been offered up as a sacrifice so that your vault can continue to thrive. Currently, you may be feeling sad or angry. Perhaps you never got to have grandkids, or to enjoy the pleasures of a fresh cigar. But march with your chin held high, soldier, and remember that each of us has an important role to play.
V11 slide 5

For some people, their role might be to heal the sick. For others, it might mean they will drive a race car, or fly a rocket ship. And some of us are meant to forfeit our lives for the good of the people. Sure, it might not be as fun as driving a race car, but it's every bit as important.
V11 slide 6

Let's take a moment to reflect on the moments that made your life worth living. Think about that time you kissed your steady girl for the first time under the bleachers at the big game. Or when you snuck out after curfew to catch that new flick that your parents wouldn't let you see because it was too scary. Boy, were they right! And who could forget when you met the love of your life. What a looker! These are just examples.
V11 slide 7

Do you feel that feeling stirring in your chest as you think of these things? Good. What you are feeling is peace. You've led a great life - living it has been its own reward. But, it is only the beginning.
V11 slide 3

Close your eyes now and imagine what joys await you in the next life - the afterlife. Can you see them? Good.

Behind the scenes[]

The slideshow is narrated by Jesse Burch.