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Happy Reclamation Day! is a paper note that was cut from Fallout 76.



Vault-Tec hopes you've enjoyed your stay in Vault 76. But it's time to go home! Happy Reclamation Day!

Our motto at Vault-Tec is: "Prepare for the Future!" But, for you, fine citizen: the future is now.

You will find in your official Vault-Tec Reclamation Package, a short wilderness survival guide entitled "Prepare for the Now!" which will orient you in these first few days outside of the vault. Consult the book at your earliest convenience (by all means put the guide down and run away if something, or someone, is trying to eat you!)

In this helpful tome you will find sage advice on how to:

Establish a base camp!
The rations and stimpaks in your official Vault-Tec survival kit won't last forever. You'll need to become self-sufficient soon. An important first step is finding a safe location to set up a base camp from which you will embark to secure food, water, and other supplies, and which will safeguard and protect the hard earned resources you bring back.

Construct a cooking fire!
You might be accustomed to TV dinners, or cooking decadent meals in a kitchen with all the conveniences modern life had to offer, or perhaps you never learned to put two slices of bread together before the world ended, either way, you'll need to learn to cook a hot meal from scratch. But first, you'll need something to cook it on!

Make drinking water safe!
That cool and refreshing looking stream or pond has all the water a recently repatriated survivor could ever need, but drinking from it could make you sick. Very sick, indeed! Always bottle water from the purest sources, and always boil it completely before drinking!

Eat food that won't eat you back!
Plants and animals may have suffered horrifying mutations making it impossible to tell what they once were. But when your supply of rations runs out, you're going to need to eat those things. And even if you think you know what something is, you should never, ever, eat it raw. Raw food will often contain disease causing bacteria and parasites. The only way to be sure you won't make things worse by eating something, is to cook it.

Craft a healing salve!
Let's face it, life after the world ends is going to get rough at times. At some point you're going to get hurt. If not by a dumb mistake, then by a vicious mutant creature trying to make you it's dinner. But don't fret. By carefully inspecting the plants around you, you will be able to create old fashion healing remedies that cure itches, sooth burns, and promote healing. You'll want a few doses of salve on hand in case of emergencies.

While challenging, these are the most important first lessons of living in our - your! - new world! Keep trying, and don't give up!

And if it ever seems like things are impossible and all hope is lost, just remember that you earned a place in Vault 76 because Vault-Tec's proprietary genetic testing and carefully crafted aptitude surveys demonstrated your excellence and worthiness to repopulate the earth. We humans survived through the darkest of ages. And you, dear survivor, are among the best and brightest humanity has to offer.

Good luck out there! Stay safe. Stay happy.