Happy Harry's is a shop in Vault City's courtyard, owned by Happy Harry.


Happy Harry's is a rather small shop but can be easily identified by the bright yellow smile on the side of the building.

Harry sells a large variety of items including ammunition (including 10mm rounds and .223 slugs), guns (including .44 Magnum revolver), improved leather armor and microfusion cells.

He also sells farming equipment, including plows.


  • In the unpatched game, Harry's inventory was kept in one of the shelves, failing an attempted Steal check on it would trigger hostility.
  • If Happy Harry is killed, the next time the Vault City courtyard is entered, an out of business sign will be present.


Happy Harry's appears only in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes

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Happy Harry's could be a reference to the pharmacy company Happy Harry's.

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